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    hello, can you please try the new version 0.7.3?
    I have experienced the same thing and so I made some fix available in 0.7.3.
    thanks for reporting

    The update fixed the drag-n-drop issue. Thanks for the fast response.

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    I’m glad it works 😉

    thanks again 2046

    hi, i upgrade easy to 0.8 and i get widget issue on wp 3.5.

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    What kind of issue?

    drag-n-drop issue

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    Man you ought to be more descriptive.
    Does it brakes the functionality of the widget, or does it brake any other widget or WP functions..

    It’s hard to debug something out of description like that.. there might be tons of possible drag$drop issues.


    I installed Easy under WordPress 3.5 RC1. Theme widgets could not be dragged. I disabled Easy and widgets returned to normal.

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    I haven’t tried the RC1 yet.
    The (3.5) 3.5.1 version works well so far.
    I’ll check the RC1

    Could you please check if there are no error messages in the browser inspector, or firebug in firefox, and post them here?
    Btw what browser do you use?

    thanks 2046

    i update my wp version to 3.5.1. i’ll test again easy. Thanks for the support.

    nothing, the problem remain. what have i inspect in firebug?

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    totally weird.. I have checked Easy 0.8.1 on WP 3.5.1 on Firefox and Chrome and have no problem so far.

    Anyway.. if you open the firebug you’ll find the console tab on the left side. The drag and drop thing is based on Javascript this or that way.. All the widgets are like that. So if it collides with something we ought to see some error messages there..
    Btw what other plugins do you have in you WP.. could you post a list of them in here?
    If you post it here I can install them all on my testing installation and try to find the problem my self.. I think the problem is that some plugins simply do not like each other.. and we have to figure out why and fix it.

    thank you for your patience 2046

    i’m controlling easy on each my website and i get this error:
    – in “Fatal error: Class ‘Easy_2046_builder’ not found in /home/ on line 34”
    – in “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ on line 92”
    – in remain the drag and drop disfunction

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    warning on:
    “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ on line 92”

    should be gone in 0.8.5.

    the missing ‘Easy_2046_builder’ can happen only when you have non complete plugin, meaning something went wrong during the upload or upgrade, try to delete the plugin, and re-download it.
    If the plugin is not complete the drag and drop issue is obvious.
    (I’m still puzzled why only you have problems with the drag and drop stuff)
    Do you think you can make for me and administrative account on your site?
    In positive case send me the credentials to

    i’m testing 0.8.5 version. Your support is great!!!!

    after test:
    – on width all plugin disabled (except infinitewp) and after delete and reinstalled the plugin:

    “Fatal error: Class ‘Easy_2046_builder’ not found in /home/ on line 34”

    -on http://www.ristorante-rolando: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ on line 93

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