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  • All I can see loading any of my site’s pages initially is the text and images inside widgets, including the menu and logo. It only happens randomly, sometimes clearing cache fixes this, but not always.
    I have Autoptomize, Shortpixel and W3 Total Cache all working together. I think turning off any image optimization can seem to fix it, but then the page speed scores drop significantly.
    Or is this something to do with google fonts?
    I have a screenshot, there is not much use adding the page link as it does not happen every time.
    If anyone knows what could cause this, thanks in advance!

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  • Check that W3 Total isn’t trying to do what Autoptimize is doing already pertaining especially with the images and possibly the other static CDN deliverables.

    If you want, kill the W3 temporarily to see if that’s the culprit. I would do whatever I needed to fix W3 if that is the problem as W3 is very good. They should have decent support there also.

    I’d have looked from here but you didn’t include a URL.

    Thanks for your reply. That all sounds about right I think, just a few minutes ago I tried unticking browser cache in W3 Total, which works but then the pages still load slowly, only without all the mess. So going to the site you wouldn’t as I mentioned see the issue visibly while I try all different things, although here is the url if it helps at all:
    I am now looking at enabling Cloud CDN inside Google Cloud Platform, which is where the site is hosted, it is worth trying maybe?
    Note: As you can see I am still quite new to wordpress!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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