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  • Okay.
    I have installed 2.6 on a testblog. Mainly because I no longer trust WP and didn’t want to wreck my current live blog.
    It was a good call on my part…

    First issue I hit (aside from the fact that the widgets area is crap) was that I couldn’t REMOVE a widget from the bar I put it on.
    I logged into IE and that seemed to solve it for some reason. Go figure. I see the links in Firefox too, now.

    Put the remove as an option where you put the edit maybe, on the widget button? Or is that too dangerous?
    Actually, it is, if you look at the example below.

    Right, now here goes.

    I completely, utterly and totally do not follow where you are going with this.
    WHY do you make me REMOVE a widget from a bar, lose ALL the settings from it, before I can add it to another bar?
    Previously (2.3.3.) I just dragged the widget to the other sidebar, saved changes, and hey presto, it was done.
    I’ll use a text widget as an example, since chances are there are multiples of those.
    Add widget to sidebar 1.
    Set up widget. (put text in etc)
    Save changes.
    Oh oops, I need it on sidebar 2!
    Remove widget from sidebar 1
    Switch widget view to sidebar 2
    Add widget.
    Ah. No more settings…
    Set up widget (redoing text because I didn’t copy it first)
    Save changes.
    Hit wall and curse WP for changing the drag and drop between bars and forcing me to redo a widget if I dare to want to move it!

    All I can say is – Way to go. Whoever came up with this… sorry pal, but that ISN’T productive.

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  • I agree about the drag & drop between sidebars. There has to be a friendlier interface for that.

    I’m having a hard time moving my widgets as well and it does piss me off to try and remove a widget because i have to click edit and then remove while waiting for the screen to load. I’m very unhappy with 2.6 and wish I never upgraded.

    I too, cannot move between 2 sidebars. And as monniblog said, the interface is not user friendly. It’s just clunky.

    I’m in Widget Withdrawal!

    This has been going on since 2.5.
    Join everyone else who hates the new widget system here:

    When I saw a thread called “Widgets in 2.6” I was hoping for people saying things are OK now and they’ve been put back to the old way… but no such luck.

    I wish WordPress would either explain why they screwed up the Widget system (if I knew why, it MIGHT be a little easier to deal with it) or at least pay attention to these forums, see our major dislike for this, and put the widgets back to the before-2.5 way.

    I didn’t have problems moving widgets around in the 2.5 iterations, but now that I’ve upgraded to 2.6, I can’t move my widgets around!

    What gives?!

    If anyone knows why it’s doing this and/or has a solution, please share.

    I was wondering if WordPress developers could make it so that I don’t have to re-activate my theme every time I make a change in my widgets. I have yet to just be able to update a widget and save changes and then see it on my site. Each time I have to go to Design : Theme : Select Theme : Activate Theme — in order to the changes. Anyone else have that issue? Seems like too many steps.

    Hey y’all, just went in to try and figure this out. Now, first and foremost, I’m not a coder/programmer, so I’m doing what I know how to do without looking at the nuts and bolts.

    But, that said, I disabled all my plugins and was then able to move my widgets around in the design interface. Not sure what plugin is interfering, but if I figure that out, I’ll comment here.



    @ blogchief,

    If you see this, please have a look here… Thx!

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