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    Installed Child Theme and then all of a sudden out of the blue, I have lost numerous widgets. I can now longer access my right side bar, left, center and right footers. On appearance, the only widget is the Facebook widget. Need to add, delete and make changes to footer and right sidebar. Do I need to uninstall the child theme? Will I loose all of my updates and changes.

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  • No, you won’t lose your changes. Reactivate the parent theme; Go to your widgets; Copy your text widgets into an editor and note the settings of the others; Reactivate the child theme; Copy everything over.

    I can confirm this happens. I’m running a test site with customizr (latest release) and the right sidebar doesn’t display at all. The HTML doesn’t even show up in the source code.

    Left sidebar and footer have no issues.

    Hi @womens-business-bureau and @mcfullen, can you please share a link to the pages where you have your issues?

    I have the left and right sidebars activated. Both have a calendar. Obviously, you only see the left sidebar with the calendar. Nothing in the right sidebar is showing.

    OK @mcfullen thanks for sharing this.
    The layout can be set at two levels :
    1) globally in appearence > customizr > pages /posts layout
    2) on a single page / post basis in the WP admin, in a box on the right of the WYSIWYG editor
    Can you please tell me what are your layout settings for those two levels?

    lol, that was it! Completely forgot that the sidebars had to be set. I took for granted that they were always enabled.

    🙂 No problem, I am happy to help!
    Enjoy the theme.

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    Still unable to get any widgets to re-appear. I need the right sidebar widget and the footer widgets enabled. Unable to go to appearance and add/edit/delete anything. Everything has disappeared except the facebook widget and it does not look normal. Need to know very specifically how to restore these widgets. Step-by-step. 2 experienced website designers have not been able to figure it out. Where specifically do they go to restore? Do they go to the style sheet in editor? Will it take custom code to restore? Or do you have wp footer and right side bar widgets that can be downloaded that are comparable?

    In the widget section of customizr, there are no right bar, left bar, footer widgets. Need help asap please.

    Site link?

    Unable to go to appearance and add/edit/delete anything.

    and could you also explain how/why you are unable to go to Appearance > Widgets? What happens when you try?

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    Site Link is

    Steps: go into dashboard, click on Appearance, click on Customiz, Facebook Widget comes up automatically. Refer below. This is all that comes up and this is what it looks like. I have no other selection options.

    Edit Add Facebook Widget
    Facebook Widget


    Facebook Application Id:

    Facebook Page Url: Works with only Valid Facebook Pages

    Show Friends’ Faces

    Show Posts

    Show Header

    Set Width:

    Set Height:

    Color Scheme:

    Show Border:

    Select Language:

    Could you try using Appearance > Widgets?

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    Yes, the page is completely blank with the exceptions of the following widget choices:

    Available widgets:

    Custom Menu

    It looks like there might be a plugin conflict. Could you try deactivating all your plugins. Then reactivate them one by one to find out which one breaks your widget page?

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    Update: Uninstalled all of the plugins and did not resolve problem. Installed a plugin for social media sharing and unistalled it but now a full vertical array of dots going down the pages even though the plugin was uninstalled and deleted. On the original theme before installing the child theme, there was the jetpack plugin included. That plugin is where a lot of the widgets where. For some reason, a web designer that I was using uninstalled it. So when I went back to install the plugin, I got this following error message: Destination folder already exists. /hermes/bosoraweb033/b1717/ipg.womensbusinessbureau/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/
    Plugin install failed.

    When I did a search of the plugin-nothing comes up.

    Anyone can tell me what’s going on? I think because I am having so much trouble with this theme, it’s time to move on and delete and find another one. Any recommendations?

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