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  • Hello,

    Using “Members” Plugin, I created a new admin called “manager”, so I have 2 admins: 1 wp default admin and 1 manager admin. In the Members plugin, the two roles have the exact same capabilities.

    I re-installed “Adminimize”, after quite a bit of trial and error, and hid certain menu options from the manager role but have not deactivated anything from the admin role. However, when I’m logged-in as admin, even though I can see everything, I cannot edit my widgets. I can see them but not edit them.

    Any suggestions?


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  • I have the same issue – i do not use the members plug in though.
    This issue may have occurred when I upgraded to the latest version of WP but I am not sure. I haven’t tried to change the widgets for a while so a little unsure what caused it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    I have the same issue – i do not use the members plug in though.

    As you’ve just admitted you are not using the same plugins then do not have the same issue exactly. Please start your own thread instead.

    @mila_m It sounds like you’ve already confirmed this but when you deactivate the Adminimize and Members plugin are you able to edit your widgets? I’m just asking to see if you’ve done the process of elimination thing to identify what’s causing the problem.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Adminimize hide have options to hide the widgets in the Settings of Widgets, since the last version: 1.8.1.
    See changelog:

    If you hide widgets in the settings, this will save in the database, on options of the plugin. Reinstall can’t help, read also the same options. You must delete the settings, is a option in the settings page of Adminimize, last area on the settings page.

    Maybe you mean Widgets on Edit screens? but this are meta boxes, not widgets? If you had hide this meta boxes and will reactivate the boxes, then check the user options on the edit screen, maybe the boxes is active, but inactive on the user options on the edit screen.

    @jan – thanks for your reply. Yes, I was able to edit them before. I also actually had the same issue with the dashboard, before even adding the Members plugin, and still have that issue, so not sure if that’s it. So basically, I can’t edit the dashboard or the widgets in appearance > widgets. And I’ve de-installed (using recommended method) Adminimize and re-installed it as I seem to have an issue each time. Just seems really buggy but I’m determined to make it work because this plugin does (almost 🙂 ) everything I need.

    @frank thanks – It’s the widgets under Appearance > widgets (the widgets that populate my sidebars). I’m not sure if this is what you meant but I opened “screen option” at the top and selected “enable accessibility mode” (didn’t notice this before)- I can now edit the widgets but cannot move them around or drag and drop them, and each time I edit them they open in a new window. I still can’t edit my dashboard though (before I used to be able to move the boxes around). Is this normal?

    I also recently upgraded my wordpress hoping it would help. I didn’t test this in the previous version, so not sure if this is it.

    I double-checked to see if it was site wide, but I can still move my menu items under appearance > menus (rearrange the order and edit the links etc).


    Also noticed I can’t rearrange the meta boxes on admin pages view, posts etc.

    @frank – I think I know what you mean – there’s a content permission box on the bottom of the admin pages view etc. Still don’t know why these boxes also cannot be rearranged. I can edit them but just can’t customize the layout of the metaboxes.

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