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    Hi, I just love this plugin, but have discovered that for some reason the widgets freeze when the plugin is activated. (I am using twenty twelve template.)

    Meaning, widgets won’t open, neither can they be moved. The quick edit at the top of the page doesn’t open either.

    By disabling the plugin, the widgets are fine. Activating the plugin freezes the widgets again.

    Any help would be great.


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  • Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hi there,
    which version of the plugin and WordPress are you running?
    Please update if you are not running latest versions.
    The problem you described is similar to an issue that was fixed a few months ago.

    Thanks Marco

    It is the latest version of WordPress and twenty-twelve, a new site last week – Black Studio TinyMCE Widget is version 1.1.1 – all fully up-to-date.

    Website is in the process of construction – I will disable all plugins just to see if there is a conflict… will report back.


    Disabled all plugins: widgets worked ok (not frozen)

    Activated Studio TinyMCE Widget : okay

    Activated other plugins in this order:

    Cookie control
    Custom post templates
    Lightbox gallery

    Those three are okay

    But … Nextend Image Magnifier … caused the problem

    So I disable it, to test out the last plugin, TinyMCE Advanced…. which was okay.

    I presume I can disable to the Nextend plugin while I work on the widgets, then activate it again – it shouldn’t cause any problems?

    I created a test widget with TinyMCE, activated Nextend, and the test widget appeared okay.

    I created a test widget with TinyMCE, activated Nextend, and the test widget appeared okay.

    Meaning, all the widgets were froze, but the data in the TinyMCE wiget appeared okay in the front end of the website.

    My site

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    After reading your posts, I’ve made some further investigation and I noticed the problem is generated by a code inserted by the Nextend Image Magnifier plugin.
    I will contact the author of that plugin in order to report the problem.

    In the meantime you may use the following fix.

    In file nextend-image-magnifier.php
    find the line (almost at the end of file)
    and then change it to
    if(typeof QTags != "undefined"){

    Also, a few lines below, find
    }else if(edButton){
    and change to
    }else if(typeof edButton != "undefined"){

    Thank you very much, really appreciate your help


    Brilliant, now well and truly FIXED!



    Did you have the same isslue as I did?

    See my video

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    The problem of frozen widgets usually depends on javascript errors generated by some script, which may come from several different sources (plugins, themes and WP core too). The first step to resolve this kind of issue is to detect which script casuses the javascript error (the browser’s javascript error console is helpful for that).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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