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  • Hi,
    suddenly my widgets fell down to the bottom, but only the on the home page. Instead of my widgets, the title of a post is shown. I have read and re-done that post in order to verify that there is no validation error in that specific post, to no avail.

    The other categories and pages display my widgets correctly.

    I read somewhere that it can have to do with validation errors. However, i dont find where such a validation should have appeared and in what post.

    I am stuck….

    Please help!

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  • You will probably not get any help unless you post a link to your site, and then maybe only if you are using a free theme so others can look at the code.


    Provide us the exact error message of validation or site URL as suggested by vtxyzzy.

    Also check with these options:

    – upgrade wordpress to the latest version
    – Disable all the plugins
    – Check with default theme to ruled out theme level issue.


    Shane G.

    thank you so much for the advice! My site is
    I am using the free Glorius theme.

    I have the latest WordPress version.

    I dont get an actual validation error. The only thing I see is that instead of my expected widget side bar, I see one of my posts. The widgets have fallen down to the left hand bottom of the site. But only on the Home page, not on the other pages…

    Brgs, Sara

    as a matter of fact, it is caused by validation errors…..there are many errors on your page that could be causing the issue

    Thank you so incredibly much!
    I am struggling my way through this list to see whether it is my own HTML addition or plugins that caused them.
    MaxBannerAds and or Max OptIn forms seem to be the main culprit. Perhaps they are not compatible with Glorius theme.

    However, I use them in another website as well, without getting the same problem…

    Hmmm. Investigation continues.

    Best regards, Sara Bern

    I am a bit reluctant to just change the theme right away, I did that before, moving from Choko to Glorius, and then I had to redo so many things on the site.
    Brgs, Sara

    I have now solved the problem and corrected number of the validation error faults. Most of them seemed to be created due to a clash between the Glorius theme and Max BannerAds OptIn Form Adder plugin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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