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    Have been testing Shades on Blue on 2.8 and 2.8 beta’s 1 and 2 and had trouble with the footer widgets not beaning able to be dragged across.

    Going to test again on 2.7.1 and follow this up as we want to be on 2.8 going forward but only if we can get all widgets working properly.

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  • Sucessful on version 2.7.1 so the widget issue is something to do with versions 2.8.

    Usually it is caused by theme / plugins that’s not compatible with newest version of WordPress.

    Disable your plugins or change to default theme to check it.

    I too am having this problem, have tried the suggested fixes and still it does not work.

    Try enabling accessability mode in the widgets admin area…screen options/accessability mode.

    I have the same problem, and also on TinyMCE. Drag and drop does not work.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Disable your plugins. We cannot post this enough, apparently.

    With 2.8, a LOT of javascript stuff changed. Any plugin using older javascript stuff can mess up all the new stuff, causing these same problems, every time.

    So you have to disable your plugins and then reenable them one by one to find out which plugin is causing the problem.

    Easy said, but most of my plugins are needed for the site operations. Any other idea?

    Any other idea?

    I’m just guessing, but would re-enabling your plugins one at a time until you found the compatibility problem be a reasonable course of diagnosis action? Then you could pursue the fix for what ever plugin might be causing the issue. At the very least, once you know what the cause is, you can reactivate them all and be right back to where you are now until you find the solution (theoretically). Good backups provide some peace of mind in these situations. Or, maybe rather than doing that, compare a list of your currently active plugins to any known compatibility issues ( a little searching required) before doing anything else. Perhaps someone has already identified your issue.

    i’m not install any plugin yet, but i have same problem with your all. can not drag and drop the widget.

    Any other idea?

    use 2.7 until the plugins are updated for 2.8

    i’m not install any plugin yet, but i have same problem with your all. can not drag and drop the widget.

    well, i’m guessing that the problem is your theme. switch back to default theme and retry the drag and drop.

    thanks for you answer Mr. nazieb, i switch back to default theme and retry to drag and drop. but it’s still not work.

    All, i solve this problem with clear browser cache. i hope it’s work for you all too.

    Nope, using Google Libaries plugin didn’t help.

    Nope, disabling all plugins didn’t help.

    Nope, clearing out browser cache didn’t help.

    And no, accessibility mode doesn’t cut it as it takes 3-4 clicks to do what drag & drop used to do.

    Any other ideas?

    i have also a same problem in ,Please suggest me how to working drag & drop all Widgets, all widgets frizzed no work so please help me, how can remove it..

    I can’t drag & drop more than one widget into the sidebar. Whichever one is in there will work fine, but can’t drag more than one (different widgets – not trying to have the same one twice).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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