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  • I was editing widgets in my sidebar, and when I went to save, ALL the text ones COMPLETELY disappeared (I had about 12) – they are not in the ‘inactive widgets’ section either. The Search widget & the tag cloud are still there though.

    Please help, it’s all the links to my shop, and my sponsors etc. Are they in one of my database backups, if so, what would they be in???
    I’m at

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  • Hello tractorgirl can you try to edit one widget and save and let me know so that I can check on your website.

    I’ve already included a fresh widget titled “UH OH”, that says I’m experiencing technical difficulties

    And now I’ve edited it to include the line “I’m working on it!”

    Okay so this part seems to work well. Can you tell what information are you trying to add to the text widget? Or are you using a different widget?

    I was simply editing a text widget, which included some html – something I’ve done heaps before with no problem. In another tab I had a different text widget open so I could easily copy the code – I have done this heaps of times before with no problems too.

    So, nothing I haven’t done before. Like I said, I had just pressed save in the widget I was editing, and when the WP Widget screen came up, all that was showing was the ‘Search’ and ‘Tag cloud’ widgets. Nothing in the ‘Inactive’ section either.

    Okay, so right now if you add some content to the text widget and save it works?

    What version of WordPress are you running?

    There were about 12 widgets all up I think – about 10 of them were text. There is no trace of them. They included links to my shop, info about the blog, a subscribe to the newsletter form, sponsor buttons, etc.

    Also while you are doing that can you post here what HTML code you were adding.

    Kind regards

    Do you have a backup?

    Yes if I change the content of the text widget now it works. I was editing the ‘Subscribe’ text widget to include a link to my ‘Subscribe’ page – something fairly similar to this – <a href="">more here</a>
    which I’ve just inserted into a new widget and it seems to be working fine.

    And yes, I have a backup from the 27th August. I get a regular weekly one. I’ve posted since then, but only started editing widgets today.
    But I’ve never restored from a WP backup so I’m a bit scared!

    I am glad that it is working now.

    In regards to your backup. If you have a backup and you have never tried restoring a backup then how do you know that it works? I am only saying this because if the day comes when you have to restore a backup and your backups don’t work that is when you will start to really worry.

    I have done backups in the past and had to restore them. I also understand you feeling a bit scared because restoring a backup and finding that your whole site is down can be very daunting to some. I would find a way to test restoring your backups every now and then just to make sure thew work.

    It is better to be safe than sorry. Anyhow if this issue is resolved could you please close it.

    Kind regards

    ok thanks.

    You are welcome

    IT JUST DID IT AGAIN!!!! After I had put in about 6 text widgets… was working on one that had 8 images with links (the sponsor one)… clicked on Save Widget, and {pffft} there was nothing left except the search and the tag cloud.

    I haven’t added in any new plugins or had any recent updates of plugins except the Google Analytics one a couple of days ago.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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