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  • I installed wordpress 2.3.3 and began making changes. I played with widgets, added them to the sidebar, and saved. At this point, everything was fine. But when I came back to the widgets page, it was broken. The error console was giving the error “JQuery Not defined” (3 of them), none of the widgets would move and no matter what was done, nothing could be edited. So I decided to make the downgrade to 2.3.2. When I finished this, the problem was still evident (as it was with 2.3.1)

    I have reason to believe that 2.3.3 Widgets corrupts the sidebar_widgets option_name inside ‘options’ table. Problem is, I have no idea, and cannot find any documentation, on the structure of this string so therefor cannot fix it by hand.

    Question 1: Does anybody know what is happened?
    Question 2: Can anybody who doesn’t use widgets (and has an empty sidebar in their widgets panel) go into their options table, and grab the default value of ‘sidebar_widgets’ so that I may forcefully inject it and hopefully fix this problem.

    Thanks for anything anyone has to share. I searched the forums beforehand and could not find anybody with a similar issue. So please, help a brother out.

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  • My issue seems related to upgrading to Category Post Widgets 1.3. All of the old widgets made prior to that have no edit option and I can’t remove them. How do you purge, delete, or remove a “bad” widget?

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