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  • This makes absolutely no sense to me…

    I have a site, and have been normally using the widgets without any issues at all and they make changes as I adjust them.

    However, tonight, I noticed that the widgets are not working when I try to make changes to them, the changes are not being made to the site.

    However, when I ADD a new page, the new page has the changes that I made to the widgets section, but ONLY on the new page… no where else on the site as they should normally appear. When I try to add / delete widgets, the changes are not appearing correctly on the site, only on the new page I’ve added, and not any other older pages.

    Here’s an example of a page that does not have the widgets coming in there should be a different weekly newsletter layout (only slightly) and a test widget at the bottom…

    However, here’s a new page I added, that has the widget coming in at the very right hand bottom of the page…

    Help!!? Losing my mind on this…


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  • Michael


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    try to work without the cache activated.

    thanks for the suggestion. I’ve deactivated that plugin, and doesn’t seem to have done anything (yet, although it might be a cache issue).

    So, the weird thing, is that some pages display the most recent changes to the widget, while some do not… for example, this page has the most recent change made to the wiget (where the bottom one says test widget..)

    whereas this page does not (says test widget…. with more …)

    at least, that’s what I’m seeing. WIll try on my work computer to see what’s up. Super annoying / weird.

    Alternatively, these pages do not have the test widgets displaying at all:

    any ideas what could be causing that???? Driving me nuts

    FYI, the about page does not show a test widget.

    The disclosure page shows no widgets and says page not found.

    Sounds like you have some major problems going on or maybe you are messing with it at the moment.

    Thanks for taking a look.

    Yeah, some really crazy caching stuff is going on for that site. alchymyth’s suggestion of disabling that wp-cache plugin (which seems kind of crazy in the first place) seems to have done the trick, but takes a while be implemented on all of the pages…. maybe you were looking at it at a time when things weren’t being updated on the pages.

    Dunno. Well, things seem to be fine even on the pages where the widgets weren’t showing up before —

    WIll post here again if things go wonky, but I think things are under control… just takes a while to update on the site for whatever reason for the changes in the widgets.

    will don’t understand these cache issues at all… anything site related seems to be fine on a NEW page, but older stuff on the site doesn’t seem to reflect changes at all… or maybe they just take a long time to update?


    This page has the navigation “shop” and “inspire” the way that they should…

    However, this page has the shop and inspire switched around… (before I made the update to the menu)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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