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    1. On the widgets page, I have disabled accessibility mode. I cannot move the widgets. I cannot open them to edit them.

    2. In add new post, I cannot switch from HTML to Visual. I cannot use any of the editing features in the top right sidebar.

    It is not a theme issue. I have tried switching themes. It doesn’t work in the latest default themes.

    It is not an issue with plugins. I have disabled all plugins and still it doesn’t work.

    I have other websites with the same theme and plugins, and everything works fine. Something got broken on one site. Please help out. Thanks

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  • I do not know whether I can be of help because I have not had this problem.

    Did this happen after you did something to your site? Upgraded or added new plugin or theme?

    Not to worry about ‘disabled accessibility’ as if disabled then you can drag and drop widgets.

    1. You say you have disabled plugins. Did you deactivate plugins? If you deactivate plugins that does not mean they are not ‘interfering’ with your WordPress. It would be best to go to you plugin folder and rename the plugin sub-directories to …-old (or something else) eg. contact-form-7 rename to contact-form-7-old and see if your WP returns to normal operation.

    2. I have not used WP 3.4.1 yet … just waiting for the chatter on WP 3.4 to die down before upgrading. You could try upgrading your theme and your plugins and then also re-install your WP to see if there was a compatibility issue – check on the rare possibility that your WP was corrupted.

    I’ve had this issue happen, not because plugins were broken, but because they were not compatible with certain browsers. they’d work fine in some and not in others

    Also, some browsers don’t have java enabled by default, may want to check that.

    To fix the problem, I had to take the website down and start over again. Full website backups didn’t help. They seemed to have backed up the error along with the files. There is a little “export” and “import” tool on the WP dashboard. It’s the best backup, because you can export your posts and pages separately. I also isolated the plugins folder on the cpanel,and moved it into the new WP installation. Still the new site continued to have the error and I suspected, as deepbevel mentioned, something going on in the browser. Sure enough, when I dumped the cache on Google Chrome, everything worked like a charm. Don’t you like happy endings?

    sorry I didn’t get here sooner. glad you solved.

    Good to know that you have solved it. I didn’t expect it to be cache related as you had mentioned your other sites worked like a charm.

    Hello guys, Jerry had the exaclty same problem i currently have. Can you help me explaining how i can fix it?

    Thank you!


    fpaterlini; Before you go messing around with your website – like I did – go to your browser’s tools and dump the cache (the history). Then go back and log in to your WP admin panel and see if things work as they are supposed to. There are ways to dump the cache in your WordPress site, too, which I’m just learning about. If things still don’t work after cache removal, you may have to do what I did, which was to uninstall WP and start over again. If you have to do that, use the WP export tool to export all your pages and posts. Then when you have the new site, you can import all your pages and posts right back to your site.

    also, remeber to update/try different browsers. Check that java is enabled.

    And I’m assuming you already disabled plugins,tried another theme.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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