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  • I love the Brunelleschi theme, but can’t get the primary and secondary widgets to appear in the right sidebar when I select “both sidebars”. They are displaying at the bottom of the left sidebar instead.

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    -have you validated your page:

    -specifically, make sure you don’t have any unclosed <div> tag

    As it turns out, I’m only having the display problem on Firefox. Safari and Internet Explorer display it correctly.

    I’m having the same issue but only in Safari.

    Anyone know what I can do to fix this? It’s such a frustrating issue with an otherwise great theme!

    (My URL is

    I’m having this problem, too. Using Brunelleschi options: content width = 1024, “both” sidebars, sidebar width = two.

    I have tried every content-width option combination (900px, 1024px, 1140px) and every sidebar “width” (two, three or ‘tour’ [sic]) trying to get a left- and a right-hand sidebar to show up consistently at the top of the page in every browser on both the Mac and PC platforms.

    PC is running Windows 7; Mac is running OS 10.7.4.

    Results on the Mac’s (4) browsers:
    3-columns OK in Safari and Opera.
    Right-hand column drops below post text and above the footer in Firefox and Chrome.

    Results on the PC’s (5) browsers:
    Right-hand column drops below post text (as on the Mac) in Firefox, Chrome and IE9.
    3-columns OK in Safari and Opera.

    Anybody figured out what’s going on with these sidebars yet?

    Try going to Appearance, Brunelleschi Options, then Theme Settings. From there check and re-check some of the sidebar options. I also added a sidebar widget and the sidebar reappeared. Hope this helps.

    Millerrupp, thanks for the response. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t as simple as this, however. My theme settings are set correctly – the display problem has something to do with the different browser platforms. Still haven’t figured out a fix.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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