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  • After the last update, the child theme for Gridiculous is no longer working – using it causes a blank site to load. Reverting to Gridiculous as the theme rectifies this.

    Additionally the widget page is now dysfunctional – I can’t drag and drop widgets, or expand the widget areas.

    I have tried de-activated the plug-ins one by one, as well as all at once, to no effect. I have tried using the default Twenty-twelve theme and re-installing the update, which also does not resolve the widget issue.

    The site is and I don’t want to leave the plugins deactivated because this site is in production. Right now it is in the default Gridiculous theme.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • I flicked to the theme’s support site and found :

    Looks like there are issues with the update from gridiculous. to gridiculous.1.0.8 – which versions are you using?

    Thanks a ton, Robin! Rolling back to Gridiculous v. solved the issue of the child theme. I will work on updating the chill theme for compatibility with the newer versions of Gridiculous.

    However, the issue of dysfunctional widget management persists. I believe this is an issue with the WordPress core files, as I have attempted to deactivate all plug ins, and the widget manager is still non-functional. I can navigate to the widget manager page, but I cannot expand the widget areas, or drag widgets into them.

    This site uses Yahoo web host service – could there be a conflict with them somehow? I remember there were issues with migrating the site from the test server due to their automatic WordPress package installer.

    Do you have this issue in a default theme with all plugins deactivated?

    Yes, I de-activated all of the plugin and set the theme to TwentyTwelve, re-installed the core update, and the issue persisted.

    Note that I have since reactivated the plugins and set the theme back to the custom theme since the site is in production.

    @rfboyce – really no way for anyone to help without seeing the site with all plugins deactivated and a default theme active.

    I’m having the same issue with widgets. Any resolutions? Luckily I am just working on a local copy, but I can’t update our production site until I figure out why my widget management is gone.

    The widgets still output ok on the front end. Tried rolling over to 2010 theme and the problem still exists there.

    Using Roots theme with a child theme, but it’s a mess due to the original developers not doing anything to best practice… Every update is a battle! Makes it really hard to troubleshoot errors, but if others are having this widget issue with the latest update maybe there’s a common source.

    @ccentenrun: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Thanks esmi. My question was whether the original poster had found a solution in the last week (other than rolling back). If I require support I will post a new thread.

    You’re not even using the same theme – so this is not a relevant thread. There was no change in WP core as to how child themes work.

    BTW, widget problems are often a JS issue – so you might try checking for those

    Hello all –
    I have not resolved the issue, and i do not believe it is an issue with child themes because my widget management area is un-usable I switch to a default (Twenty-twelve) theme. I can’t take my site out of production at the moment because we are in the middle of holiday fundraising.


    Have you tried the standard troubleshooting steps of deactivating ALL plugins and switching to a default theme?

    If that doesn’t work, try renaming the plugins folder on the server – which will fully deactivate any plugins that might be causing problems.

    If that doesn’t work, try replacing all files and folders EXCEPT wp-content and wp-config and .htaccess from a fresh download of WP. Be sure to delete existing files/folders before uploading the new ones.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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