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  • I’m really impressed with the new widgets plugin, but I would like to know if there are any themes that work with the widgets yet, apart from classic and default (kubrick). I can handle html and some css but php is still somewhat of a mystery to me.

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  • I don’t think you need to know any PHP, Annie. You just install the plugin and then add the function calls where appropriate (if you are adapting a non-widget theme).

    K2 Beta 2 is set up for widgets already.

    Thank you. I’m downloading it. The link didn’t work though.

    That Theme is listed in this article:

    Hi Annie,

    I just updated my Blue horizon theme which can be found at to work with widgets.

    Dislexics Untie!


    I couldn’t get Blue Horizon to work quite right on my blog. I’ve set up K2 which looks ok, but I have a problems with the ‘asides’.

    Incidentally, it would be really good if there were some more themes that worked with the widgets. One of the things I love about WordPress is having so many themes to choose from, and right now there are about five listed that work. I know that there are bits of code you can add to existing themes, but there must be lots of people (including me) who aren’t that technically minded. Just a thought. :o)

    Annie, Keep in mind that widgets haven’t been around even a week yet! It may take a bit for them to percolate through all the existing themes…

    wow – nothing like the beauty of supply and demand, eh?

    “ohmigod, ward! we finally got one a’dem dare wawl-marts! pack up dem kids! we goin’!”

    “but darlin’ – we ain’t got no gas-o-leen”

    “i dun care! it’s new and we gotsta go… NAOWWWW!”


    I tested my theme myself. What problem did you get annie can you please let me know.

    Added OutThere to the list:

    I hope you didn’t think I was complaining about there not being many themes converted. I’m just excited about widgets and I love trying different themes. Kausalsheth, the problem was that the calendar was to wide, and that every single item in the sidebar had a little box beside it and was more widely spaced than usual, but it might have just been the way I’d put the code into the widget boxes.

    We understand your excitement, Annie – that’s for sure… it’s why we’re all here, because we all love WP so much.

    It’s just odd to hear someone say that there aren’t enough widgetized themes when widgets are so brand new and shiny. You have to give even the theme developers a chance to get things working properly is all.

    Maybe you could take it on as a challenge, and try to learn the process? It’s really not like you have to learn scads of php to modify themes… checking out the WP codex for help, and maybe comparing what you’ve got with a theme that’s already done… you might learn something new! 🙂 (I owe everything I know about php and CMS to wordpress… if that tells ya anything!)

    Hi Annie,

    Calendar widget is currently not supported by my theme as mentioned in post at my site. The rest box appearing neat categories is intentional and is same as my original themes.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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