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  • Hi, I’ve helping to develop a website for our local Scouting group. This is my first venture in to WordPress and whilst things are going fairly well so far I’ve a few issues I’ve been able to solve so having found so much useful information here already I figure I might get some much needed help to.

    I’ve created a child theme based on Twenty Thirteen, a mock up of the site is currently live at:

    The issue I have is that the widgets don’t want to appear to want to use all the available space they have in the footer, making some look cramped.

    What I’d desire is a way to specify a minimum width and maximum width for the widgets. So if I have just 1 widget it may be sized to the maximum, 2 widgets may still also allow them to be sized to the max, 3 widgets and they are sized to something between max and min such that they use a 3rd of the widget area. And so on.

    I found this post: however when I switched to using that I observerd:
    a) I got the basic layout I wanted in terms of using the width of the widget area.
    b) The widgets per row was fixed regardless of screen size, which really squashed them on mobile devices.

    As you can see from the current staging site the 3 widgets present don’t use 100% of the widget area width. I’ve tried increasing their width in the CSS but found that it just wraps them down to the next row once when I’m sure they could fit. I suspect this is something to do with the “masonry” code (which I’ve not looked at) and I think it could be to do with these areas being specified in px rather than as a %. But I’m not sure this is true or how to go about fixing it.

    Any help here would be appreciated.

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