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    Hi there!

    your plugin is great and adds many possibilites for handling widgets. I use i especially when i want to hide some ads and widgets when viewing the site on a smartphone or tablet.


    is there a way to make a widget hidden when viewed on a PC but still visible on mobile? i tried messing with the options and didn’t manage to do so.

    any help would be appreciated

    thanks in advance!

    Ivan L.


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    I knew this question would be raised. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to do that. Sounds silly, I know. The problem here is that WordPress (and so DW) starts from the ‘Show the widget’ position. Not from a ‘Hide the widget’. All other so called ‘Overrule types’ have extra arguments to be able to make the distinguishment. But for mobile there are no extra arguments.

    I’m sorry to hear that. 🙁

    Do you know any workaround method for such a problem? I don’t understand php much, but i can find all and every php file concerning my wordpress site/theme, so i actually can make any changes or add chunks of text in it. it’s jut sthat i don’t know what/where to do 🙂 (great, huh?) i tried several plugins and searched the whole of internet for it (even the third page in google search results), and still haven’t found a working solution.

    there is a plugin that can do this, i do not wish to advertise it here, but upon activating it, it messes with the standard desktop layout of my page, so there is no way i am going to use that.

    i do not know what to do. 🙁

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    I think I know which plugin advertises in doing such a job. That plugin is using a completely different approach by showing and hiding using javascript, not PHP. That’s probably the reason why it’s messing around with your layout.

    Unfortunately no, I don’t have a solution for you right now. It’s on the ToDO list. But aas I said, I have to work around a couple of issues. I do have some ideas about that

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    Sometimes ideas turn out to be the solution. Yes, I’ve found a way around it. Will be included in the new version and now available in the dev version

    There are some things to keep in mind. I had to remove the Mobile device option and merge it together with the new option: Devices. When you upgrade, be sure to remove mobile_module.php from the mods folder under the dynamic-widgets installation folder.

    thank you for such dedication! will try it soon and let you know how it works 🙂

    hey… i tried to find version, and i couldn’t find it. maybe i didn’t know where to look for.

    eventually i went to your website and downloaded development version, uploaded it via ftp and right away i had the device option. however, unfortunately, the option doesn’t work 🙁

    i tried messing with the facebook widget that on the main page looks like this:

    and i edited the options like this:

    but it didn’t work. i tried vice versa, to hide it on the desktop version, and that didn’t work either…

    any ideas?

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    Hmmm… that’s why it’s in a dev version (read: beta). At my dev server it does work. Do other options in DW work for you? Did
    you remove the mobile_modules.php file?

    i just tested other options, and none of them work. i can turn them on and off in the DW options, but the frontpage does not show any changes:(

    not only have i removed the mobile_modules.php file. i deleted the standard dynamic-widgets folder via FTP, and uploaded the beta version, so it’s a clean upload. and as i can see, beta version doesn’t have mobile_modules.php file in the mods folder.

    ok, no i seriously don’t know what’s going on!

    i just removed the beta version and returned to the standard stable 1.5.7 version.

    after the plugin was activated it showed me previously set up options for individual widgets.

    but now, no matter what or how i set them, whether it is mobile or desktop view, nothing changes! i make the changes in the settings of the plugin, but in the frontend, nothing changes.

    i am scared that i may have done something wrong 🙁

    I FIGURED IT OUT!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    okay, first of all, i am terribly sorry for this, because it will seem as if i have messed with you and this was not my intention!

    your beta version works!

    the reason it didn’t work previously for me is that when editing settings for individual widget in DW settings, i was actually editing inactive widgets. i completely overlooked the fact that they are under “inactive widgets”

    as soon as i tried making changes in active widgets, everything started working as it should 🙂

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    Great to read everything is working now.

    Qurl where can I get this beta version? I want to try it as well. I need to hide widgets on desktop version.

    Plugin Author Qurl


    The latetst beta (development) version is always availabe at

    How does your software keep variants of the SAME widget with separate settings? If I have 4 versions of my weather widget, and change the settings on one of the widgets to MOBILE ONLY it seems to change the settings for all the other widgets.

    Any suggestions? I need it to keep settings per each widget I drag out in my left or right column. I’m using the software to reorder the widgets for mobile by having multiple instances of the same widget.

    Definitely looking to create a “replacement” widget that only shows up in mobile sites. The replacement it will do is for a widget that I have hidden from mobile view because it uses alot of data and therefore would be inconsiderate for those accessing via their mobile provider’s data plan.

    The version seems to do the trick but definitely dont want to roll that out on a live site. Any ETA on when the “mobile only” changes might be released officially?

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