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  • I’m looking for a widget that just pulls from the wordpress uploads directory to allow images to be shown in the sidebar. It doesn’t need to integrate with a gallery or randomize images or work with flickr or anything like that (though those things are neat too) it just needs to show an image in the sidebar.

    I’m interested in this so that my librarians can easily customize their sidebars in the most flexible ways. I’ve handled the header and footer by using an ajax theme (giraffe2, love it) and the sidebars mostly by using widgets… but I haven’t seen a widget yet that does what I’m looking for in terms of showing an image in the sidebar.

    Does anyone know of such a widget or see it as a worthy project?


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  • Do you mean a static image, or do you mean a rotating image, or what? You need to define it better.

    If you just want to show a single static image, make a text widget and put <img src=”/link/to/your/image.jpg” /> into the text field.

    Funny that, I figured that out about an hour after I posted this.

    Thanks for the reply though. 🙂


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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