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  • Hi, I have not been able get widget thumbnails to display and have tried:

    Re-installing theme (Flatsome) and its child theme.
    Re-installing woocommerce.
    De-activating and re-activating all plugins.
    Regenerating thumbnails.
    Removing widgets from pages and re-adding them.
    Cleared host and plugin caches.
    Ran WP-Optimize
    Read similar threads here and tried suggestions.

    Note: They were displaying correctly until about 2 weeks ago, have done many updates since then so I’m not sure what killed the thumbnail images.

    (scroll to bottom of page, same problem on any shop/blog sidebar page widgets).

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  • Hi @justmicros,
    It is almost all you could do.
    When I take a look to the widget thumbnails source code at the bottom. I can not see any source loaded.
    Where pictures are seen they are in source also, where pixs are not seen source code is empty. It looks like the address/location to the pix is lost.
    Second, Don’t you have pixs on Dropbox???
    They have changed the rules and shared folder is not working anymore.

    Have you tried to load images location again to every widget?

    Do you have backUp of your site? Have you tried to go back those two weeks?
    It is hard to give some advice.
    Hope I will give you some light to it.
    Tahoe Rock

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by  Tahoerock.

    We’re looking into the code behind the images now as you suggested. I do have updraft backups to restore but would like to find the cause since we’re not sure when it happened and will lose work we’ve done since the problem started.

    Would also like to know to prevent it from happening again later. These are all amazon images stored on amazon servers somewhere. I think you are correct that the widget pointers to them got lost since the thumbnails do show up on the product page if a product is opened from the widgets. I’ll post when we find a resolution.


    Hi Albert,
    I hope this will be what will help.
    Links to the pixs are for some reason broken.
    Let me know result.
    Tahoe Rock

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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