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  • Resolved Dazzerb


    Since recent upgrade the “The Events Calendar Widget” non longer works. It just displays

    There are no upcoming events at this time

    Tried doing what all the other posts I see with same problem where you completely remove and re-install but this does not help me.

    I do not have a backup of the older plugin so is there somewhere I can download previous versions so I can just revert?

    It has been working for years and only stopped after 3.6.1 update.

    Anyone any ideas?

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  • never mind.

    I was able to get the older plugin by guessing the URL

    once I reverted from 3.6.1 to 3.5.1 the Widget started working again.

    I guess this is a bug in 3.6.1

    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Hi Dazzerb,

    I’m sorry you ran into trouble with the update. Do you have a test site where you could look into it further? It’s always best to be running the latest version of the plugin, so I’d like to help get you back on 3.6.1.

    Could you try deactivating other plugins to look for a conflict, or switching to a default theme like Twenty Twelve? If you can isolate this as an issue that’s inherent to The Events Calendar, we’d be happy to look into it further. Unfortunately, we can’t help troubleshoot conflicts here on the free forum. If you do find a conflict, you can try getting in touch with the developer of the theme or plugin and see if they can shed some light on the issue.


    Hi Leah

    Disabling all the plugins was very first thing I tried. I also enabled on another micro/sub site with a different theme and it did not work there either.

    No biggie as we are in process of replacing this site in next 2-3 months. Just happy it is working again as the widget is a really important feature on this site.


    Was about to say I had the same problem but I@ve just realised I’d written my own custom widget previously… I’ll rewrite based on your new code and restest.

    There’s a distinct difference in how events are selected for the widget. Prior to 3.6, all events were automatically selected and a filter for only specific categories was an option. Now the user must explicitly select which event categories are selected to display. If the user doesn’t do anything then no categories are selected and nothing shows up.

    Hi Andy

    Not sure if I understand your post. The way we use the widget is that we have a calendar with all events but then we use the widget to display a small subset of all events on main website page using a category. Specifically we have a category called “Featured Events” and any event in main calendar we want display on main page we just apply this category to them. How has this changed on 3.6.1?

    Can your post an image of your widget settings?

    Mine looks like this.

    There s no filter to select categories. Are you sure you’re not using an older version of the widget?

    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Hi Dazzerb,

    Any chance you are using a custom widget? As Andy says, there isn’t a category selector for the core Events widget. What you have looks like something different from any of our widgets. We did change widgets somewhat in 3.6 so if you are using some time of template override for the widgets, that might be the issue. You can read the details here.



    I have a related problem with the Events Calendar and widgets but different symptoms. I have both plugins The Events Calendar, and the PRO.

    When I updated both and then tried to go to my Widgets page in the Dashboard, I got a completely blank page – could not access the widgets at all. I turned the plugins off, widget page comes back.
    I tried reverting to the previous versions of both plugins and I still have the same problem – completely blank widgets page – until I turn the plugins off.

    Any ideas?


    @kitkah, it would be best if you started a new thread and you would get more attention over at

    oh, and I have a bit extra to add – under the Appearance menu, the item Customise is another blank page with just this:
    Edit Add Events Countdown
    Events Countdown


    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Hi kithah,

    As Andy said, please start a new thread so we can focus on the issue you’re reporting. Thank you!


    Hi – just noticed there is a new 0.9.4 (21st June 2014) version of the The Events Calendar Widget that just lists “Bugfix” as the change. Anyone know if the bug I reported here is what was fixed?

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