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    First, thank you for your plugin, so far it’s quite good.

    The problem I have is with the widget fade between testimonials. The current testimonial fades out but as it starts, the new testimonial pushes down below to current one so both are showing at the same time. Then when the current testimonial disappears altogether, the new one “jumps” up to the top.


    Would love to get a fix for this.

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  • First off, are you aware you’re loading your child stylesheet twice?

    The cycle container requires a non-static position so that slides can be positioned within it (jquery.cycle.all.js, line 257) using position: absolute. Your stylesheet(s) prohibit that at line 342:

    .testimonial-widget {
      position: relative !important;

    Remove that and you’ll see the proper fade effect but now the text overflows the widget-wrapper and the [Read more] link is all the way at the top. I can’t work out the conflict in the CSS that is causing that but here’s a simple fix. Try this at the bottom of your child theme’s stylesheet:

    #tcycle {
      height: 400px;

    Adjust that amount to whatever holds the longest testimonial.

    Thank you Chris for the help!

    Apparently the parent theme I used on this site is now automatically adding the child style sheet as part of wp_head() so my having it in head of my child theme is now redundant. Thank you for catching that!

    And taking out the forced relative was the fix for the transitions. Whoo hoo 😀

    I worked on that container not wrapping properly for almost 2 hours (I’m a dog with a bone sometimes 🙂 and I couldn’t figure it out either. I ended up doing the height as you suggested. It works this way so I’ll live with it… but I’d rather figure out the real culprit! lol

    Thanks again.

    You’re welcome. Dog with a bone, LOL, me too 😀

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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