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  • Resolved snowboardmommy


    I really want to use this theme however I have a lot of pages and I need better widget support for the Pages menu and/or Custom Menu Widget.

    Right now the pages widget lists all 190 pages in one huge long list in the side bar!!!

    I tried using a custom menu, which was an ugly disaster (no styling at all for them?), but the widget shows all of the pages again, instead of just the top level pages I defined in the menu.

    I have looked at this under IE 9.x and FF 15.x, and it does not seem like a browser issue; it seems there is just not support for these features in this theme.

    Are there any plans to support these features in an upcoming release of Babylog? Thanks.

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Babylog supports Custom Menus — the demo site is using one across the top:

    Although I do see the problem with the custom menus widget — if you don’t add a widget title, there will be no background around the widget. I’ll look at fixing that in a future update.

    Hi Carolyn,

    WOW!! Thanks for checking that out so quickly. You are right that adding a title made the formatting for the custom menu widget work (oops … I didn’t want one, but I guss I can find something useful to call it).

    However, it still lists all 190 pages in one long list (albeit bulleted & indented list) … any chance you might add a JQuery script to show just the top level pages and only expand each section as the visitor goes into those pages/sections?


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Glad I could help a little!

    And re: custom menu or pages widgets, probably not. That’s plugin territory, IMO — the widgets are built by WordPress core to look and function like they currently do. If you need better/different functionality, you’re better off installing a plugin. That way if you ever decide to change themes, you’ll keep the same functionality.

    I can see your point, but the irony for me is that the theme I am using now does have this support in it, so I would be losing functionality going to Babylog. I also believe that the WordPress developers added the menu functionality to the theme framework and they believe that menu support is “theme territory,” but there’s no point arguing about philosophy when I have a website to build …

    So, my next question is …

    Since you recommend using a plugin instead, is there a plugin you would recommend? I have not found anything that is being maintained that fits with the Babylog theme, that drills down when you are on a child page (but only for the one parent page of that child).


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    I don’t know of anything, sorry!

    Alright, well thank you for your very prompt attention & answers. That is very much appreciated.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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