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  • jackbloom
    I’m not sure what you’re experiencing, but as of this morning something changed and it doesn’t work for me either. In my case, the script is adding a .css definition to the head of every page changing the display attribute to “none” making it’s entire div disappear. I have no idea why or how to get it to stop. But it’s annoying, as it’s one of the best twitter plug-ins I’ve found, particularly as I don’t want to run Jetpack on this site.
    Any suggestions from other users/creators?

    Mine has suddenly stopped displaying anything too… any ideas why?

    Twitter did retire support for several services

    Developer….. are you out there?

    Do you intend to update your plugin to work with Twitter API 1.1 ??

    @erikas_boy what is the name of the CSS target that you’re seeing?

    ahhh… I think I see it… is this the same you’re getting in the source code?


    jackbloom, that’s the one. I suspect it might be a failover, if the plugin doesn’t get a response from twitter, it hides itself, but that’s just a guess.

    This plugin does not use the new api.

    Good alternatives are:


    Thanks Juri. I actually use your second recommendation on a lot of sites, but I took over managing a site running this plugin. If there’s no word from the Devs at by days-end, I’ll be having to switch.

    There is a new version that uses the Twitter 1.1 API at the GitHub repo:

    Peter is aware of the API issues. There are also a couple of pull requests from me so that the widget can be used across a WordPress network without configuring a Twitter Application for each site.

    Plugin Author Peter Wilson


    Apologies for the delayed response, this is a weekend project.

    I’ve updated the plugin to include basic API support.

    Once you update the plugin, you need to visit Settings > Rapid Twitter Widget and to set up an application with Twitter.

    @djelibeybi‘s submitted a pull request to allow for better mulit-site support, I’ll be implementing that asap.

    I trying to setup the latest version of Rapid Twitter and get the fallowing error”API settings invalid. Please try again.” I have added my Consumer key, Consumer secret and then that is when I get the error. How do I get the Rapid Twitter to work?

    Plugin Author Peter Wilson


    @j99mac, the only thing I can suggest is there may be a space at the start or end of on of the fields. Apart from that, I can’t really help sorry.

    @j99mac, have you figured out how to make it work yet? I am getting the exact same error.

    multi-site support would be wonderful. Thanks for your work on this.

    Those having trouble with “API settings invalid,” try again. I tried a second time after 10 minutes and it worked when it didn’t the first time. No idea why it won’t work sometimes but at least re-trying did the trick.

    Still no luck. Anyone have any additional workarounds? Do I need to do anything additional on the server end?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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