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  • I am trying to help a friend with a widget coding problem. The plugin is Ibcx wizard & causes this in the widget html:

    <div class="art-BlockContent-body">
    GIF89a}}��\A ˔,���d9�����Ɩ����r����ǿ�uE�gsdH;!ĭz�ϙA*��YD9,�XjHGF2�9˷�ʼneF���%%%#,|{{���j'"�i,��u4 887�wm��bJ2�B�����ؼ��ttIyd9*eZIYE"A%wVTTT��tbA��X���<(I+���jQD1�wR#�{ܚddc�uu�����ӓeQ)�zI\; ���JIV=��߄'%��ikL�Ǖ�b��+R3 �lQ3I6vV&jW1���Ѽ���SVG2Y١2���qQ8L2�y$����d��S<code>K$�T9 �vC*˒9)T<���[;�[E@<a�㩫sQ+ƛE�55ۨJE��\U�xAr]4�}S3&quot;bG Ӹ�Ȥ���z���S����J��6I-/���8#���yS OLI��LYPDjBoK|Y</code>ArqoٖG'H%�i��Y3;(�pSL7iE��Y�mAkI7nS_JX6 vP-,+A%ü�{\.�76r[�z vg]ˡ�g�'�mD/�q �qO7 sW 2+210��U>��_�[6�+*�TS\!9ͭ����-#ʒ7��nٙ \M:y��\H& |^@ &�ݏ@0��Ê#~/+�1/͎5&7&-cP4UnN!�k�ba��r?=�_G5P>%��y�BԖű�˿��! ���!�NETSCAPE2.0!�d�,}}@�)H����*\艍C6-"���E@?�G<code>p%���d&��L�&quot;K��YB%Ӓ̗�P�ܩ�&�u@�uiWQ&\�D�NiR\=%dx��C�)f��뇐%K~ei��4�0M���h[\��p�FS��,�9s�KT�T�0V��!cƠ�Q�J�N����_�z��\4�� �9��$��$Ab�WHZ</code>����d��vZ0[H�q�Pd��P�'&R$iХ!y$-��������:[[8��� '��$Hc�M/i�Lr¨ͣPT�ן��<code>FN���1t ����</code>�la��F ����A�aF4���g�6S<code>@\���t�?R@����9#�!�H�@��#�#}��0>�p�,�P)�</code>�Fv����� �sLeQ8e���Q&��7�<code>WA�F�� 1DWz~���@IW3|�UqXRK- |G!%t�Ax!�$�&quot;��TP���2O5R8�E5?(�Db��E=b��3�鈲I��'1L�/����#��l�D��#Ā�'yP��,�蠦,  5�P^)���2h!���-t���� ��1� 1����2 ;���'��?�TH ��R���� ����w0����RD�<��%(?��/,k�D:�>{�)�\��'e�@&quot;��qR(HXҀ E�</code>q,��>x��7 $s�1=4��C<code>�FI� (%dS2���\С���p�3�a�6hXH!��,�,��q:�(�(��rG���r:C�1�ؑ�jC�el�'yr! ��38�Z-�aBG6�P�� H 23�����q4�kQ��a ,mF��</code>A����|\L )Qkq�p2K�<code></code>��H�C�0�)|�=�tP1&T�s%>

    т���F8b.�͠hȼ����bX0�%̠DP�0��<��@_f�@�’ɢ��&�e-�A���’�@C�f� )p�B��0�9��h!����.�+�����΄ac� �҈�@6�!�fh�A��
    <K�#4�Ƣ&��}����&�:K��QH�0�X.Mƈ rzp���lܕ[=”” n��=”” 4yr,(�@�1�!=”” h��w�����0���g�b��r=”���à�2�q�!g����-<�” q����:=”” s�s�6�<�z�p�=”�;���p�L���A��?�”�&x�” a�.�=”” ��,vy�0x�l��0�6��2�a+="" r��p�28+�5t��8-nˊcp��dv���)8="" �="" ڀ���t�e,b]���v���z��b�b����*��%}�v�="" �e�alp�h��5���=”” “=”” ma�4�����́d%��ll�sha=”” �u�,?���~h=”” ���{�pe2$�{��*z0n���0c”���#4?���="" <1�3$o��="" g�.���p6��t��x��*�ϳ="" ��0h�q��="" v�*�@="" �la="�8P����v�F" z�dn"��udc�y����="" a�����pq�����="" ���="" �g6hl,�q�8�=”” bvpa2p�̎x��9="" q��@�pa\p౑���q�g="" 8Аy�q�a2f�="" *���cb��=”” p|�8�qx�kn��=”6��MN�q��j�0�lؠ.`” xx�p�=”” �34�=”” 0�=””>
    This displays on the site as can be seen at the site:

    The way the ibcx plugin should display can be seen at my wordpress theme test site:onlinewpthemetest

    Anyone any idea what might be causing this bad character encoding?
    I appreciate & look forward to helpful replies, thanks

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  • Why is WordPress help so hard to get?
    I post here for help & get no reply-likewise on Twitter & Facebook & Google search gives no results. Direct emails get no replies.
    So frustrating trying to fix problems with WordPress & run WordPress sites. So many supposed experts in WordPress all over the web/internet yet so many posts on this forum go unanswered & none now is interested unless there is a fee involved. Some bad community open source project this has turned into.

    Never mind I WILL fix this somehow (I always do! DIY)but it is so much harder to do it alone.

    I guess the charcter encoding is png format but why this is happening & how to fix it I do not know!

    If there is anyone in the forum please reply helpfully….

    Well I still have this problem.

    I have tried removing the plugins & that has not been successful.
    I tried a reinstall of WordPress & that has not fixed the problem.

    Presently I am confused that the plugin/widget works fine in the theme on my localhostserver & on my online WordPress test site but it does not work on my friends site. I am still waiting for a reply & help from her webhoster.

    All quite strange & of noone has posted any helpful replies here.

    I remain committed to find the cause of this & fix it for my friend…

    It really seems that this problem is a serverside issue with a php & or apache server issue.
    Other friends of mine have confirmed this (quote>>it looks like the clients server is not allowing fopen to connect to the image.
    Make sure php allows this setting and the server is not in safe mode<<).
    Frustratingly I have had no help yet from the webserver hosting.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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