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  • Im looking for a working widget or plugin that will list subpages only (as links).

    I’ve got my header and underneath it is a horizontal menu of pages. In the sidebar, I’d like to just show a list of subpages of the current Page. Sounds simple right?

    I had a hell of time time trying to get this to work. First, the usual pages widget just shows pages of coarse. Flexipages widget shows pages and subpages undearth, but you can’t set it to only show the subpages of the current page and nothing else. So then I tried the xwidgets plugin that let’s you specify widgets on a per page basis. Nope. flexipages is not working with this plugin (doesn’t show up). Next I was sure I had it: Found “List Subpages” widget (Dagon Design). Nope. For some reason that widget list no subpages. Only makes a list of pages.

    All my other widgets and plugins work just fine.

    Checked compatibility. running wordpress 2.9.2 (version dropdown above doesn’t have 2.9.2 in the list) and server is up to date with latest php 5. I’m building this off of the wp framework barebones theme.

    Can anyone through me a bone here? Do I have to hardcode this and make mulitple templates? I’d love to find a working widget or plugin.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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  • I had the exact same problem… it seems like something so simple but I had to go through about 5 plugins until I found the one that does it.

    Just use the GD Pages Navigator plugin. Works like a charm!

    Thanks but I couldn’t configure igd nav plugin to do the simple thing I need: List all subpages (including subsubpages) of the current page and have that list stays up when clicking on any subpage (and even subsubpage).

    Then I found Sub Page Widget by Alper Haytabay. It did exactly what I needed. Thank you very much Alper! problem = solved.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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