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  • The widget for following me on Twitter shows up on my main index page but not on any of my other pages that have the sidebar. I want it to be on all of the pages with a sidebar. I don’t know why it only shows up on the main index page. Any tips?

    My site is:


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  • Try dropping a copy of your theme’s sidebar.php file into the WordPress pastebin and post the pastebin url here. Perhaps someone will be able to spot the problem and suggest a solution.

    I am having the same problem.. i have the latest verion of WordPress. I have used WordPress lots before and have never encountered this problem.

    The ‘text’ widget is only showing up on the home page and not on any of the other pages.

    url is (the text widget in question are the logos on the right.

    In addition to this problem, when i assign links to the images, the link follows onto the next widget. For example; the order of my widgets was ‘text’ ‘recent posts’ ‘recent comments’. The ‘text’ widget has three images. The first two images have links. When I activate the widgets however, the 4rd image which has no link takes on the link of the image above. Not only this, but the heading of ‘recent posts’ which is the widget directly under the ‘text’ widget also takes on the link of the 2nd image.

    This makes it very annoying.

    It would be great if people had suggestions on how to fix these problems or if other people are having the same issues.

    I can happily supply code if required

    above should read

    When I activate the widgets however, the 3rd image which has no link takes on the link of the image above……

    Ok.. i solved it.. very strange.. bascially, i was using the following code but the image was only showing up on the homepage.

    <img title=”QuoteMyWheels” src=”wp-content/uploads/2010/03/quotemywheels.jpg” width=”95%” align=”middle”/>

    when i changed it to the below it showed up on all pages.

    <img title=”QuoteMyWheels” src=”; width=”95%” align=”middle”/>

    One good thing about discovering this is that now I can control images I only want to appear on the home page by not including the domain in the img src.

    When I changed themes and activated Tarski back and set the widgets back in position in the main sidebar, all the page widgets are not showing up.

    What should I do to get the widgets to show up?



    Thanks for posting your solution. I’m having the same problem in that my images in my text widget won’t show on any page but the home page. The actual text shows on other pages, but not the images coded in.

    There are so many quirks like this in WordPress, and support for this stuff is just… well, WordPressy.

    Here’s me loving WordPress for yet another day in the trenches with this thing.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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