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  • I recently updated to WordPress 3.1 and had lots of issues with my website. When I logged into my web host cpanel I noticed that WordPress wasn’t updated (which was weird because I already updated it) so I installed the updated version and then most of my issues resolved on my website.

    However, now I’m noticing that my WordPress grey admin bar across the top is gone on most of my pages. Also I recently installed a widget on the sidebar called “Tweet-stimonials” that isn’t showing up on the same pages where the wp admin bar is missing.

    But, this is what’s odd:

    The pages that seem to be unaffected and working perfectly fine (i.e. showing the wp admin bar, and showing the tweet-stimonials widget) are the portfolio pages (or sub-blogs) I created in the gallery called “Services.” I thought that was strange. These pages were also unaffected by the other issues I was having recently. (The theme I’m using is called Tesla.)

    Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

    It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the theme (I’ve been emailing with the theme developer) and I’ve already tried disabling all my plugins one by one and that wasn’t the problem either.


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  • I’m getting something similar where I updated from 2.9.2 to 3.1 and there’s a big white area at the top of the page when I’m logged in, but there’s no admin bar visible.

    It’s annoying 🙂

    Thread-necromancy to resolve an open question…

    Check your theme’s footer.php for missing wp_footer() calls. The admin bar as well as some plugins need that function call to output their scripts.

    Fixed. Thanks.

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