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  • Sorry, I meant on the right side, and my site is


    Does it say “You may manage your subscription options from your profile.”? If so then you need to log out to see the form for new users.

    No, it doesn’t…


    So I see. Is that Widget the one you need to enable from within Subscribe2 or have you installed the old stand-alone version?

    I enabled it from Subscribe2 settings.


    Are you trying to put HTML into the text boxes? Try clearing them both of any content and see of that helps and then re-input the text carefully to see if anything breaks.

    EDIT: I’ve just double checked things on my site and it’s working fine for me.

    No html, just text. I’ll put in some easier words and make sure it still doesn’t work.

    Ok, I just put the words “pre” and “post” into the respective pre and post areas, and it’s just showing them mushed together (still no text box).


    Clear them out completely and if that fails try re-installing. The other thing to try is clearing out the DIV box where it says ‘search’ – maybe your theme is using some clever CSS/JS to hide elements.

    cleared them out, re-installed, cleared the div box. Still doesn’t show the text box 🙁 Anything else I can try?

    Any reason it might not be adding the shortcode for subscribe2, and hence, not displaying the textbox when it’s called via the widget?


    Something is hijacking the shortcode, either another plugin or your theme. In the source code of your front page I can see this:

    <!-- email subscription form -->

    That is not coming from Subscribe2 but it is where I’d expect to see the form.

    Can you try switching to the default theme and see if that resolves things.

    That was a comment I put in there myself in the “sidebar.php” file as a placeholder before I added the widget 🙂 I changed the comment, and even used the default theme, and still, nothing, no text box. So it’s not theme related. I’ll see if I can deactivate or delete a few plugins to see if they are causing a conflict. But no other plugins I know use a shortcode that resembles “subscribe2”.


    So have you added with widget by adding code to the sidebar.php file or did you use the Widget page within WordPress?

    Weird how it doesn’t appear when you switch themes either, are you using caching a all?

    A conflict might not be anything to do with the shortcode but malformed output for example. I pushed your homepage through an HTML validator and it has lots of errors and warnings. They may well be nothing to do with this issue but might be worth tidying up anyway.

    I added the widget through the widget page within wordpress, but had that comment in there as a placeholder to make sure I knew where it was going after I placed it there via the admin widget page (hope that makes sense) 😉

    Thanks for the info on the HTML warnings, I’ll definitely look into it and see if I can clean it up!

    Some more background info that is probably helpful… I had purchased “Subscribe2” about a year ago, and it was working just fine as the widget. Then in November I got the notice you were moving to a different vendor for subscriptions, and got the cancellation notice via PayPal. That’s also the time when I realized the text box was no longer showing. So I deleted the “Subscribe2” plugin completely, and re-bought the “Subscribe2 HTML” plugin from SemperPlugins, and installed that, thinking it was my license that had expired, causing the form not to appear.

    Could that be the issue? That I screwed something up when I removed the old Subscribe2 plugin and replaced it with the Subscribe2_HTML one?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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