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    First off, I cannot provide a link to the page I’m having problems with, as it is used on an internal system. I understand that may hinder assistance, but I’m hoping someone has seen this issue and it is an easy fix.

    I am using WP Document Revisions with the Edit Flow & Simple Taxonomy Refreshed plugins. When I add the WP Document Revisions widget to the Twenty Twenty WordPress Theme Footer Widgets, the widget’s title shows up, but the Custom Taxonomies selected do not.


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  • @bamajr,
    I’d like some clarification of the issue you’re having please.

    I’ll note some of what the code does.

    Reviewing the code for the widget display, it outputs only the document title and how long ago it was edited. It may show the author if that display option was selected.

    Would you like it to display the post status?

    Custom Taxonomies are not involved in the widget process at all either as selection or for display.

    Since you have Edit Flow installed, this can support custom statuses, e.g. Pitch, etc.

    By default, these will replace the Workflow State taxonomy (which is defined and managed by the Document-Revisions plugin itself). By default, you will see on the “All Documents” page a filter labelled “All Workflow States” but if you click on it, you will see the Edit Flow custom post statuses and not the default ones (including Final).

    Is that your set-up?

    The Edit Flow post statuses are held in the taxonomy tables, but they are not actually a custom taxonomy. There is some logic to show them as a selection criteria, but I have tried both version 3.1 and 3.2.4 and the statuses do not appear in the selection list.

    Is this your issue please – that you would like to select them for the widget? (And /or displaying the status on the widget)?

    Neil James

    Let me ask the question in a different, more simple manner.

    When using the WP Document Revisions plugin with the Simple Taxonomy Refreshed plugin, the “Recently Revised Documents” widget provides the ability to display Published, Private and Draft documents. So, does the “Simple Taxonomy” widget also Published, Private and Draft documents or just Published?

    I cannot seem to find a way to enable which documents should display when using the Simple Taxonomy widget.

    Thanks for your clarification.

    The short answer is that it will display documents of all statuses.

    To be fair to Ben Balter whose plugin this is (even though I have contributed to it), can I ask you to
    a) Mark this as Resolved since is is not a WP Document Revisions issue as such; and
    b) Open this question under Simple Taxonomy Refreshed as that is where your question belongs.

    There I will output some code that will allow you to display only documents of your selected statuses.

    By putting the answer there it may help other people as well.

    Thanks in advance,
    Neil James

    @nwjames I am using custom statuses and user groups from the “Edit Flow” plugin. However, Documents > All Documents does NOT have a filter for the “Custom Statuses” as you say it should. WP Document Revisions advertises support for the Edit Flow plugin, but they don’t seem to be working with each other.

    Thanks for this. Having does some tests on this under both 3.1 and 3.2.4, I can confirm that there IS a filter. It is labelled All workflow states rather than a more appropriate one. But the content of the pulldown are the EF Custom statuses.

    That’s as good as it gets, however. When you choose a status, I agree that it does not retrieve the matching documents. Neither does the document list contain the post status – which would be helpful.

    I will look to see about a fix for it.

    Of course, whilst I would agree that the EF integration is lacking in functionality, this has little to do with the title of the thread.

    Neil James



    I have reflected on my earlier statement that “it will display documents of all statuses” and it is not quite accurate but since WP Document Revisions does itself modify standard processing I will set out what it does here.

    It should have read “it will display documents of all statuses except trash”.

    The taxonomy terms cloud widget displays only terms that have a non-zero count of posts against them.

    Standard WP processing counts only Published posts, therefore the cloud only shows terms that have Published posts. If you click on a term link, you should see all non-trashed posts.

    WP Document Revisions modifies the count process (if it is using the default count method) for every taxonomy that is used for the post type ‘document’ so that the count is for all post statuses except trash. Hence the short answer given above.

    I can imagine people wanting this type of processing with their custom taxonomy and will think about including such an option in Simple Taxonomy Refreshed.

    If your requirement is for a selection of statuses or to have standard taxonomy queries only include posts of specific statuses, then please raise an issue against my plugin where I will provide the appropriate code to do that.

    Neil James



    Thank you @nwjames for you assistance. Turns out it is an issue with the taxonomy-permissions.php file from the Code Cookbook (in that it doesn’t work any more and causes issues with the functionality of WordPress functionality). Upon removing that plugin, the widget works correctly.

    Again, thanks!

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