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  • Sorry – if you click the date, nothing happens. If you click “next” it takes you to the top of the page.

    Plugin Contributor Nick Young



    How do you have your widget setup? Is it the actual “Google Calendar Events” widget that comes with the plugin or are you pasting the shortcode into a text widget or something similar?

    I have the same problems with Version 2.2.0 , I use the the actual “Google Calendar Events” widget, showing month grid view and it:
    -Back and next just links to current page followed by /# – nothing happens when clicked
    -hover over all calendar dates does not do a pop up
    So I delete Version 2.2.0 and uploaded version 2.1.6 from development zip
    -Back and next links to current page followed by /# BUT the javascript WORKS and back/next calender month is shown
    -hover over all calendar dates javascript popup works

    PS after installing version version 2.1.6 the popup windows are always shows to the right of the date box and therefore go off screen- so this is not good a good solution.

    I have tried it both ways.
    Way 1) Using the the plugin and Google Calendar Events with the Calendar ID
    Way 2) Using Text Widget with the shortcode.

    Both ways have the same behavior.

    I am using the Google Events Widget, displaying events as “List” and number of Events=3. The result is “No events to display.” I switch to Grouped List or Custom Date List and it’s the same. Grid view shows the month but no dates are linked.

    If I switch from Number of Events=3 to Number of Days=1, I can see all the events for today.

    I also have an instance of GCE using “Widgets for Shortcodes” and pasted into a page. Same situation: Using Number of Events=(any number) results in “No events to display” but using Number of Days = whatever results in success.

    It was working fine before I updated this morning.

    I have been using GCE for many years. Good plugin! However, the upgrade to 2.2.0 has broken the widget (month view).

    The feed correctly works [url/gce_feed/GCE-calendar-title/].

    The shortcode widget displays nav to back and next with a) no change when nav clicked [url/#] and b) the mouse changes to finger pointer over a date with an event but no tool tip appears when clicked.

    It would be nice if the tool tip appears when hovered…hint,hint.

    Site =

    I’ve got the widget set to display the next 2 events in list view, but it’s showing 7 days.

    Plugin Contributor Nick Young


    We just pushed 2.2.1 to fix some issues with the CSS/JS and the calendar ID encoding. Please try updating to that and then let me know if you are still having troubles after that.


    2.2.1 fixed it. Thanks for your quick response!

    2.2.1 fixed it. You rock!

    Plugin Contributor Nick Young


    Glad it’s working for all of you.

    Thanks for confirming!
    Nick Young

    P.S. If you get a chance would you mind leaving a plugin review (if you haven’t already)? It helps a ton.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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