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  • Hi All,
    I am having trouble displaying an Archive type on a specific page using Widget Logic. It is a child page and I am unsure of the tag I should be using to get it to display.

    The end of the URL path is /about-me/birding/ where about-me is the parent and birding is the child.

    Any ideas please? It is driving me round the bend!


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  • assuming it’s a page and not a post, have you tried the page related conditionals?

    e.g. is_page( ‘birding’ )

    Hi Alan,
    thanks for the response. I have been there but nothing worked. I gave up on the child page idea for my site anyway. I only did it because I missed the massive ‘Show in menu’ tick-box when setting up pages I did not want in the menu…D’oh!

    Not that is has solved my problem though. I have Pages Post plugin running so I can keep topic specific post on related pages only and not on the static homepage, which I have set in Pages Post to accept Uncategorized posts, which means that it for all intent and purposes acts like the blog index page, because I have left the post page setting in the plugin blank.

    But it appears (as far as I can tell) as if Widget Logic (and all the other page specific archive widgets) conflicts with Pages Post, because I can not get it to take any pages in the tag box that have settings in Pages Post.


    I had a quick look at the ‘pages posts’ plugin and without looking closely I can see that it does things like


    which mean that the usual conditional tags wouldn’t evaluate as you might expect. If you haven’t yet tried it, the ‘use wp_reset_query’ option might reset things when the sidebar is called.

    Hi Alan,
    I tried the ‘use wp_reset_query’ and it trashed my sidebar. When I say trashed, I mean made it disappear all together.

    I was going to try another tack. Instead of an individual archive widget for every category to be shown on the relative pages. I was thinking of a widget that shows archive by category rather than date, to be shown in the sidebar on all pages?

    I have looked for a widget to do that but as yet, I have not found the right one. If you know of one that would suite, I would appreciate it immensely.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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