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  • FIX

    Add following code on line number 58 (in widget_logic_visual_admin_enqueue_script() function)

    wp_register_script('jquery.1.7' ,plugin_dir_url(__FILE__).'js/jquery-1.7.1.min.js');

    and upload jquery1.7.1.min.js in plugin js folder
    And it works fine for.

    still doesn’t allow me to edit the limitations …

    I just installed WLV and when I go into the widgets admin, none of the widges dropdown when clicked. I removed WLV and they worked fine. I installed a few other similar widgets to do the same thing some worked and some, sort of worked. I came back to yours because it looks the simplest to use. I hope this is an easy fix.

    Doesn’t work for me either. There is a new upgrade but it is a complete new install and it said to back up the widgets first.

    here’s what I am int he process of doing. From the widgets page add this /Append ?widgets-access=on to the end of the URL.

    You can add widgets but I want my sites to work properly so I am going to back up all of mine, note which widget appeared on what pages and then work finding something that works.

    Unless anyone has any better, less-work ideas?

    Found this on another thread and it worked for me:
    WP3.5 uses jQuery 1.8… and in this version of jQuery it seems that %i% throws an error.

    To fix this open widget_logic.php go to line 132
    and change
    if ($number==-1) {$number="%i%"; $value="";}
    for this
    if ($number==-1) {$number="XXX"; $value="";}

    …. And finally open
    and search and replace this:
    for this:

    Thanks I will give it a try.

    My 2 cents. I have been using widget logic for a long time and was very happy with it. I had the above issues, after the upgrade, and I did fix them partially. I would still have to go into accessibility mode and it still wasn’t right and I was having memory issues.

    I’ve been turning on and off my widget and measuring and widget logic visual was using a lot of memory. Don’t know if I did not notice it before or what or if it’s my theme but now I was having issues.

    Truthfully I did want to remove widget logic but I did. I used an excel spreadsheet to make note of what widgets I had showing where and I went with display widgets and it works and is using very little memory.

    So if you are having issues that won’t correct, you might try it.

    Thanks Michele,

    That sounds like a good plan. Right now I’m having issue with making a subtheme so i need to get that working first.

    Thank you very much iwdspiderwoman. Worked perfectly for me.

    YES! Thank you iwdspiderwoman! That fix saved me as well.

    Iwdspiderwoman this was the easiest fix I’ve ever seen, and it totally worked! Couldn’t believe how easy it was. Thanks!

    I’ve given iwdspiderwoman’s fix a shot and it seems to work for me. (Haven’t tested it completely yet, but the formerly ‘dead frozen’ widgets can be operated again.)

    thanks for the efforts iwdspiderwoman!

    Thanks to iwdspiderwoman this fix worked fine for me as well – I did switch to using Widgets Controller on a few sites when I found out this stopped working (and I sort of prefer the overview compared to Widget Logic Visual).

    iwdspiderwoman : For me, your soluion is a miracle. I do not know PHP, but I’m good at folloring instructions. (Married…lol)

    It works just fine ! Now my site is up to date and everything works great !
    Thank you.

    Oh yes!
    I confirm that the solution proposed by iwdspiderwoman works without problems!

    Thanks a lot!

    using WP 3.5.1

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