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  • Based on a recommendation from an associate, my client forwarded me documentation on the Widget_Logic plugin. I installed it, activated it and our entire site went blank and we lost all WP Dashboard access. All we get is a white screen when trying to call any of our pages, and I cannot even access the dashboard to get back into WP to deactivate and remove it.

    Is there some way to remove this and get our site back up so that I can access the dashboard and so that the site is once again visible on the net. We are using a custom Artisteer 3.0 theme that I designed. I would have understood if there had been a theme conflict but not something that also took out all WP Dashboard access.

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  • Ok, I was able to fix this. Please note, there may be an issue with this plugin and Artisteer created themes. There is a fix floating around online about how to prevent Widget_Logic from serving up hidden pages, such as squeeze pages or hidden download pages. I am not sure of the original source, but the article I was given is here

    This is the script being recommended:

    function SearchFilter($query) {
    if ($query->is_search) {
    return $query;

    Please make a BIG note. Adding this script to your function.php theme page may take out the site AND lock out your WP Dashboard access. It will return an error 500 page Website is down for maintenance or Website has programming error or it give you a parse error on the last line of your function.php page. You will need to actually go in and delete the lines off the function.php page through your server’s file manager.

    Again, this may not be true on all themes, but it appears to be an issue with Artisteer themes.

    My recommendation is to not include the fix until you have tested things in a sandbox environment to make sure that it is compatible with your particular theme and server set up.

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    i don’t know anything about artisteer and a few minutes googling couldn’t get me any info on the clash between its themes and WL. if you can point me at some specifics I’ll look into what WL can do, if anything.

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