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  • Hello,

    I installed Widget Logic to build some contect aware sidebar in combination with the ‘recent posts’ widget of the theme. Problem is there is only one sidebar available for the pages.

    I have 3 subjects (read categories) and there 3 pages where I want to show the corresponding posts via a ‘recent post’ widget. Depending on the page, I want to show the related posts.


    Put 3 ‘recent post’ widgets in that single sidebar and set them up with differentl coding in the widget logic :

    is_page(‘Consultancy’) + ‘Fiscal’ + ‘Accounting’ for the 3 pages
    which works fine.

    in_category(65) + 64 + 63 for the 3 different categories
    But this last code doesn’t work, not in combination with the above code (&&), nor if I put only this code in widget logic. Even tried the slug name, the categorie as text and as number.

    So any ideas why this does not work? Any solutions / advice to make it working?


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  • Additional, also went through the FAQ … of course 😉

    I tried the same with the standard WP themes, like twenty eleven. Also didn’t work.

    Is_page works fine.

    is_tag or is_category don’t work.

    How can I select a specific categories. Do these codes only work with a single post in the widget of page and not for a widget that shows 3 posts? Meaning widget logic does not go through these 3 posts.

    If so, which code should I then use to only show the categories I want in the ‘recent post’ widget?


    Anyone? Filter is also not a solution for only selecting posts of a specific category. Can only be used to change the html output … as far as I can read and understand.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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