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  • I’m not sure when this started, but recently all I get in my blog page sidebar is the “default widget”.

    I have several widgets set up with this expression:


    …in the Widget logic textbox.

    In another widget, I have a script that’s supposed to run for these pages:


    The script runs for ‘welcome’, ‘contact’, and ‘about’, but not for ‘blog’. The slug name is ‘blog’ (I checked for proper case), and I even tried using the post number instead of a word. Same result: no widgets show up

    If I deactivate Widget logic, all the widgets show up on my blog page. But of course… they also show up EVERYWHERE.

    Today I tried designating a different page as my posts page. Then, all the widgets showed up in my blog page. But the posts went to the other page, which now had only the “default widget” in the sidebar.

    Can anyone help me fix this problem?


    jan Smith

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  • Further testing revealed that it’s not just a Widget Logic issue.

    The theme I’m using (Thesis) provides “hooks” for custom code to be run at various points. One such hook is before the sidebar.

    When I insert just my html code in there, it executes and puts adds the desired item at the top of the sidebar — for every page.

    But then, if I wrap it in the appropriate PHP tags and run it… nothing happens. Once again, I have nothing but the default widget on my blog page.

    For some reason, I cannot seem to add a widget to the sidebar of a page designated as the post (blog) page.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Got any ideas how to make it work properly?


    My blog page is:

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