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[Resolved] Widget Logic admin panel no longer working

  • I just did 2 things on my WordPress site: 1. Installed the WordPress Photo Album Plus and 2. upgraded to the newest version of WordPress. Now, Widget Logic is no longer working. Can anyone give me a suggestion? I can see all the widgets and options in the admin panel, but when I click the drop-down arrow nothing happens. These are vital to the function of my site. Help, please!


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  • Plugin Author alanft


    is that the drop down arrow to the right edge of the widget title that expands the widget to show the controls? try enabling accessibility (under “screen options”).

    Yes, the buttons are all there, but I cannot click any of the drop down arrows nor can I move any of the widgets from one column to the other. However, I cannot click the drop down arrow on the “Screen Options” button, either. I can “see” everything on the admin panel, but I am not able to click on anything to make any changes.

    With Widget Logic, I have used these widgets to change quite a few things which are vital to the look and function of my site, so any advice you can give would be appreciated. Right now my site is still working fine, but on the widgets in which I have inserted code I will soon need to make changes.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Plugin Author alanft


    sounds like something – Widget Logic it looks like – is breaking the AJAX in the admin backend, which is hard to diagnose and fix via exchanges like this. here’s a possible work round tho‚Ķ

    Deactivate WL – confirm that doing so makes the problem go away
    Activate accessibility in the screen options
    Reactivate WL

    it’s clunky but might get you enough control to do what you want.

    if you want to give me the keys to the admin backend where I can see this first hand, I might be able to track down the source of the issue.

    I tried this and it worked, so all is well for now. I was afraid to do that thinking it would negate the changes I had made to the widgets within Widget Logic, but it did not. Thanks so much for your suggestion! I really appreciate your help.

    Plugin Author alanft


    you might like to try the development version of WL


    as that has a couple of small fixes in it that might break some WP installs ajax behaviour.

    Plugin Author alanft


    i’ve marked this as resolved, but if you still want to give me access to the backend to see where the problem might lie, let me know.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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