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  • duckrogers007


    I use widget logic in gantry based custom site.
    gantry has his own owerrides for viewing widgets on each page.

    When you use on default gantry settings widget logic everything is fine.

    But if you have some override except default settings for gantry, and set there widget logic for some widget, everything falls apart.

    All settings you set already on default setting on gantry just dissaper and you have to go through it all over.
    Very disappointing because I loved widget logic, but this just gets me to search for another way of doing things.

    Also is_home() doesnt work, for my front page which display blog stuff.

    Any help from author?

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  • alanft


    i’m afraid this is the first time i’ve heard of gantry. if this is all part of freely available code, I’ll look into it. give me some further pointers to get me up to speed. cheers, A



    Hi alanft. Great job on logic widget.

    Gantry is free wordpress framework.

    I think that problem is this , that gantry framework has also kind of override, which basicly sets somekind of kode depending on what page are you in and etc.

    So maybe two of them clash somewhere.

    I tried it on 3.81 and new gantry, and I will test it just wp, and gantry polylang and widget logic installed to see if it happens again.
    To confirm the error.

    I see that widget logic doesnt have much code so I dont know why they would clash, but tomorrow i will post my results to confirme the error.


    -installed gantry framework plugin on clean wp
    -installed widget logic
    -created oveeride in gantry for example front page
    -installe polylang
    -created widget to display on default view for every page in exapmle sidebar (duplicate with different language-using widget logic to hide/display based on uRL lang)
    -created override for frontpage to display widget in frontpage only, also duplicate for two languages

    – when i go from default tab in gantry, to example page of overrides, every widget logic setting in bot pages just disapers.

    Like I said i will try to confirm the problem tomorrow, but happened on 2 different pages already.

    One question:
    how to use import, export setting?

    certainly there looks like there might be a clash in the use of add_filter(‘sidebars_widgets’… which gantry jumps in first with a priority of -10,000 (which seems very very high priority!)

    It’s much more extensive code than WL I’m afraid – can you ask the gantry author/people to cast some light on it, as I don’t have the resources or ability he/she/they appear to have.

    sorry – sound like a bit of a cop out, doesn’t it.

    import/export for WL is at the foot of the normal admin ‘widgets’ page

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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