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    Hello, I am hoping that this has not been addressed before, I could not find similar topics with this issue so I opened a new one.

    The Event List widget automatically generates a link at the bottom of the list called “View All Events”. This link doesn’t go to the URL like it happens in the single event page or in the main menu, instead, it links you to a page which works on some devices (on my laptop it does) but it does not work on my Android phone and another computer I used for tests, which has an older version of Internet Explorer. In those cases I get a 404 error page.

    Is there a way to change this? The “Upcoming” page looks exactly the same as the “events” one so it’s pretty much a duplicate.

    Also, since this may be a related fix. Is it possible to change the wording “Events” to something else like “Calendar” or “Upcoming Shows”?
    I am working on the website of an artist and we are wondering if “Events” might be too strong a term.

    Thank you for your support!

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  • Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Hi theotherplatt,

    You can customize almost everything in The Events Calendar – please see our Themer’s Guide in the first instance and definitely let us know if you need any further help (with a note of what specifically you’re stuck on):


    Hi Barry,

    I am definitely going to look into it because I am now at the customization stage of my site (child theme, etc.).

    The problem here is that I am not sure how this different page is generated, and even in the same browser and the same computer, sometimes I get Error 404 pages. I don’t know why.

    At the beginning I thought that this was happening only on an older version of Internet Explorer but (perhaps I missed it before) it is happening on my computer as well, which is up to date.

    The page ../events/upcoming is created by the plugin ONLY in the Event List widget. More specifically I am talking about the “View all Events” link in the widget.

    I have no problems with the regular calendar page, which is ../events.

    Could you shed some light on this?


    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Hi theotherplatt,

    So to change this particular link you would need to basically need to create your own widget that behaves as you would want. That’s not as hard as it might sound – you can essentially inherit most of the existing code and so the “lion’s share” of work is already done – but it is I’m afraid outwith the scope of support we can offer here on the forum.

    Regarding 404 notices, this can happen when a view such as an upcoming events list has no events to show (and is in line with WordPress’s own behaviour when for instance an empty category archive is viewed). But if you do have further questions specifically relating to 404s definitely let us know, ideally in a new thread.


    Can anyone on this forum please help me out with this? I really don’t understand why the widget has to create a different link to a page when one is already there and it is working. I would think that all the widget had to do is to link to the calendar page, NOT create a link to a new one, and what is in the scope of this wordpress forum if such a thing happens?

    It seems to me that this is a core problem of the plugin… I do have sample events created so that I can test the plugin behavior.

    Anyway, if anybody can please tell me the procedure to how to make this sort of changes I will give it a shot. I am learning this as I go, so I really am not an expert.


    I am not an expert, but there must be just one string in the code where “View All Events” is linking to ../events/upcoming, all I would need to do is to take “upcoming” off that string, because the upcoming events are in the regular ../events page. By default. I didn’t do anything to the code to have it create this phantom “upcoming” page.

    Can anyone help me locate this part of the code and also kindly tell me how to create this new widget in a step by step fashion? I would be greatly appreciative!

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Hi theotherplatt,

    I don’t agree that this is a bug as such, though you could certainly post a feature request about this:

    I’m afraid it’s simply out of the scope of offered support here on the forum for us to guide you through this one. You could indeed make a single line change to a piece of core code but we never recommend doing so and the correct approach at this time would be to build your own widget (albeit inheriting most of the original code).

    Hi Barry, I didn’t say it was a bug, I just mentioned that it links to a duplicate page of the actual calendar, and that page occasionally gives me 404 errors. I am not sure of where the error comes from, because I am no expert. 🙂

    So I guess I am on my own on this one.


    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    In terms of customizing the widget, yep I’m afraid you are on your own insofar as we can’t offer you further help for that here on the forum.

    However, if the main issue is sporadic 404s, it may be that this thread and at least one of the fixes mentioned there may be applicable:


    Is there anyone who could help me out with this? My experience with programming is limited and undertaking the construction of this widget seems out of reach right now. it would be quicker to get another plugin I suppose, which would be sad, because I like this one and have made several customizations to it!

    I looked at the link Barry posted, but the topic doesn’t seem related to my issue, which is actual user interface.

    All I need is for the link to point to ../events, which is the calendar page, the widget for some reason points to a ../events/upcoming page and if you click on it you get a “page does not exist” error.

    I spent a sizeable amount of time reading through the plugin files trying to figure out where this command is, it must be an easy fix, it’s just a line, but I can’t find it!

    I can’t keep that dead link in my home page, so I need to either fix it or remove it altogether.

    If anyone can help I would REALLY appreciate it, much positive karma your way!

    Just for the record, I did not make any changes to the core files, any customization I made was about colors. This issue I am dealing with came as part of the plugin.

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    So the thread I linked to was in relation to the possible 404 issues, rather than changing the View All Events link in the widget.

    At this time that particular link (“View All Events”) does not unfortunately live in a overrideable template – in which case it would be far more straightforward to advise you here. I’m afraid though that since the amount of support we can offer to free users is quite reasonably limited we’ll have to bow out at this point, but if another member of the community can guide you on this one that would of course be awesome 🙂

    It could also be worth proposing a change along these lines (“please make the View All Events link in the list widget filterable”) as a feature request, if you’re game to make one:

    I think there is a legitimate reason why people are getting 404 errors on the Event List widget. I was having the same issue after updating the plugin. To fix it, go to Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes. This updates the permalink structure for those auto generated URLs and gets rid of the 404 error on the events/upcoming URL.

    Actually, my permalinks update did NOT fix the problem — that was coicindental. Intermittently, the following URL displays with 404:

    One minute it doesn’t throw a 404 and the next minute it does.

    I have re-uploaded The Events Calendar plugin. On a new installation of WordPress with The Events Calendar, the View All Events goes to:


    rather than


    Why are there different URLs for the View All Events link in the widget on two different sites using the same files?

    At any rate, the 404 errors are random and deserve some thoughtful attention.

    @ askwpgirl,

    Too bad, for a moment I thought it could be a solution. I tried a number of times to get help about this but apparently the plugin creators think it is the user’s responsibility to modify the widget so that it works.

    Unfortunately this is not the only 404 issue this plugin has, check this link out:

    I read somewhere in the past that this would be fixed in the new update but it I looked at the changelog and nothing is mentioned about it.

    PRO users got some help about it, although it wasn’t a total fix. The free plugin, if I got it right, is structured differently and the same solution would not work.

    I have been looking into other plugins.

    Good luck,

    Thanks, Platt.

    What’s weird is the 404 is random. Some moments it happens, others it doesn’t. I’m not seeing anything in the error log. So, I think the plugin is definitely having issues with generating the output for that page. I installed the free plugin on a test site, and it goes to a different URL than the one that I had updated on a client’s site. So, I’m wondering if there was something with the update that was an issue.

    On other sites, View All Events goes to the events/month/ page

    whereas on the site I’m having trouble, View All Events goes to events/upcoming/ which sometimes displays events and sometimes does not. I’m using the free plugin.

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