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    I upgraded my partners blog to 2.6.2. She uses a theme called WsWired which has always been fine. The upgrade appeared to work alright. However there is one issue in that when you go into Design/Widgets the Links widget no longer shows up under available widgets. Also the sidebar widget message states that ‘You are using 4 widgets in the sidebar.’ when only 3 actually visible due to the broken Links widget.
    When viewing the blog obviously the links don’t display. If I turn on blogroll instead of links it displays however not correctly. If I swap to the ‘Default’ theme the Links widget is instantly available and if I add it everything works as it used too. Comparing the dashboard and widget php files there seems to be minimal changes from the original ones to the new ones. Does anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot this or what the issue may be?

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  • Is there a link to download the theme you are using?

    Have you modified the theme?

    Hi Michael, the download link for the theme is

    I’ve done minimal changes to the theme. Simple things like removing post dates etc. However I’ve confirmed that it’s not anything that I’ve changed as I uploaded the complete theme as WsWiredOrig and activated it and Links wasn’t available in the widgets. So the standard theme has an issue.

    Thank you for responding to my initial forum post.

    Looks like the theme author, in functions.php, unregisters a number of widgets.

    function unregister_problem_widgets() {
    unregister_sidebar_widget('Rss 1');
    unregister_sidebar_widget('Recent Comments');
    unregister_sidebar_widget('Recent Posts');

    Might try deleting the lines that unregister the widgets you want to use.

    Hi Michael, thank you very much! You’re wonderful and we really appreciate your help!

    I removed the one line unregister_sidebar_widget(‘Links’); from the functions.php and instantly the links were back working as they originally were. It’s ironic that previously everything worked as that line obviously has always been there.

    Thanks again for your help Michael! My partner tried several different themes over the weekend however due to your prompt response and resolution she’s back using the theme that she likes.

    Regards, Gordon.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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