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  • I have a problem, wherein I uploaded 4 images to a SU slider in the sidebar widget, and when it comes back around to the first image again (or if you simply scroll backward from the 1st to the 4th, and then back to the 1st again) … then the image is off-centered by 20px and shows 20px of the preceding image.

    here is a link –

    I tried a css fix suggested by this other thread –

    … but it did not work.

    If I set the .element (inline) style for the one image that is off within firebug to ‘margin:-20px;’ it seems to work. But it does not work when applied within a custom.css file (yes I tried !important)

    “class=su-slider-slide su-slider-slide-visible” is the classes I see in firebug for that image.

    I also don’t know if it really is a css problem, since if you grab the image with the mouse/scroll and nudge it over then it falls into place.

    any help appreciated.

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  • Here you can see the problem clearly –

    I removed ‘overflow:hidden’ in firebug to show what the slider is doing. You can see there as it gets the final image, that image does not slide into the center of the widget like the preceding ones, but instead it ‘sticks’ to the right edge of the widget box.

    So far no css I have tried will correct for this. It only happens on that last image (but all others are centered properly).

    if I do this:

    .su-slider {right:20px;}

    that would correct it but then it throws off all the preceding images by the same margin in the other direction

    anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to give up

    an update: the same problem exists if I substitute the slider for a carousel.

    Also, i tried changing themes and it did not matter

    I guess there is not a fix for this bug so I am forced to look for a new image slider plugin. If the author of this plugin should happen to fix this issue in an update please reply to this thread.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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