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    HI all, I fing myself repeating the following many times to folks.

    The “shortcode any widget” plugin does not ‘know’ anything about the individual widgets you may be using. There are are over 3000 widget plugins, never mind others that may have widgets in them.
    What the plugin does is :

    1. give you a theme independent sidebar that you can use to define tre widgets settings using the widgets user interface. Any questions on the functioning there – post on the widgets support forum.
    2. call the widget from a shortcode function, trapping the output so it can be returned as a shortcode result. It does this dumbly/generically with NO knowledge of the widget which could be any of the 3000+.
      Ideally the widget plugin would also have a shortcode option. (Widgets ‘echo’ output immediately while shortcodes build and return the output to be passed back to a content filter.)

    Again if you have any queries about the widget functionality, post it on the widgets support forum.


    • Get the widget working the way you want it wrt to content in one of your theme’s sidebars.
    • THEN drag that instance (and thus all it’s settings) to the ‘widgets for shortcode’ sidebar. It should work the same. Styling may be different but content should be the same.

    If the content/behaviour changes between normal sidebar and shortcode sidebar, it is possible that something interferes (another plugin?) and/or that something the widget plugin does is not anticipating that it would used in a shortcode. Again there is very little that I or this plugin can do about it.

    Put the request to the widget developers. Maybe they’ll code up a quick shortcode version instead (I do it both ways for my plugins, it is not that hard!) – then you won’t need this plugin!

    So please, please, only post a question on this forum if it relates to the ‘shortcode any widget’ plugin generically and not specifically to the widget you using.

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