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    I was editing an instance of the plugin using php code.
    There already was some php code, but somehow it was throwing an eval error. While mucking around inserting different code and also doing var_dumps I suddenly discovered the plugin has completely disappeared. Of course folders are still there but nowhere to be found on the back or front end. This is an essential plugin as it is used to create donation plugin for a non profit site.
    I need to get this up and running again urgently.

    Please help.

    I made sure the advancedtext.php file is the same as original.
    I have removed the php code from the database wp_options by replacing it with s:0:””

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  • Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Hi there,

    which option name did you overwrite in the wp_options table? If it’s an ATW option or starts with atw_ – you may need to completely remove all options that start with atw_ and then re-install the plugin. You’ll have to check its settings again, just to make sure all the options you need are set correctly.

    I did not remove any options. I merely removed a bit of php code as one of the values of the array and replaced it with empty quotation marks and set the s to 0.
    So instead of it reading: s:9:”<?php blah ?>”
    it now reads: s:0:””
    I was hoping this would solve the issue. The issue occured after I changed a bit of php code in the widget itself (in the admin area). So this change has nothing to do with the issue.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Well, in that case you should be looking for an error in your custom PHP code that you entered into the widget and not in the plugin.

    Double-check visibility options of the widget – make sure it’s not set to DO NOT display for all pages.

    Like I said: there is no widget!!
    I can only see the files, no widget no nothing.
    Adjusting the php code is also no option. I removed that code (like I said).

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    If you had a widget initially, and you were getting an eval error, that means either your custom PHP code within the widget was incorrect, or you had an incorrect custom condition entered in the plugin’s settings section. If you decided to fix it by altering plugin’s source code and DB records, and your widget completely disappeared, I don’t know what to recommend you beside wiping out that DB record completely, removing the plugin and re-installing it again. If I were in this mess, that’s what I’d do. I can’t magically see what could be wrong with the plugin, especially knowing that you made manual alterations in multiple places. I know you said that you “removed” the code you entered before, but the plugin is not functioning as it did before, which means it’s not in the exact state as it was before your alterations.

    When re-installing the plugin, do the following:
    1. remove the plugin completely from the site – delete it via FTP.
    2. edit your DB – find “atw” option name in wp_options table and remove that record.
    3. re-install the plugin.
    4. Make sure ATW settings are functioning under the “Settings” section of your WP Dashboard (don’t change anything yet).
    5. Go into Widgets and see if the ATW widget is available.

    If 4 and 5 are there – then you successfully re-installed the plugin. Don’t edit the source code and don’t alter serialized data manually in the DB.

    Yeah I figured I have to reinstall.
    Weird thing is: after I did a reinstall and put the exact same php code back into the plugin it magically works.
    Plugin initially threw error stating there was an unexpected ‘;’ .
    However there was nothing wrong in the php code (as is proven again now as the code is the same as before but now the plugin works).

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    I’m glad you were able to resolve it.

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