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  • Very promising plugin but after reviewing the plugin I have some remarks (R), feature requests (F), and some bugs (B) to report.

    1 – Ship a widget with it. See my Agenda Widget.
    2 – Show today’s and all day event’s until their end time.
    3 – Remove time notification when it’s a all day event.
    4 – Change $title_tag into to the $before and $after model for more template flexibility.
    5 – Localization by translation domain. Change __(‘text’) into __(‘text’, ‘agenda’). Have also used that in the plugin I have created.
    6 – Ship a .pot with it for translators. I will translate into Dutch when available.

    1 – When repeating on a daily basis the start time changes (looks like the function add (for example) 24 hours to the end time instead of the start time). )
    2 – Visual editor isn’t working.
    3 – Time droplists are out of sync with the input boxes (further to the right).
    4 – When using agenda_compromissos() the ‘a href’ tag isn’t populated.
    5 – Add ‘no events’ message when there are no events to show, I’m now getting an error message.
    6 – Styling doesn’t fit in the (smaller) crazyhorse design of 2.7 and perhaps it’s an idea to stick with the WP colors for the background.

    The ‘Event’ page should not be registered as a menu item when you use 2.7 as the structure of the menu’s has changed. The Add New link on the Events page will follow the style WP is using on the Posts and Pages pages.

    1 – How can you get the location and date(s)/time(s) visible in the post?

    BTW – At the moment I’m using WP 2.7 r8736 and Firefox 3.0.1.

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  • I agree with all of the above and would add this feature request:

    A publicly-usable form so readers may submit events for the agenda as well. Their submissions should be able to be held in draft form for review, or, if the reader is a registered user, the admin should have the choice to allow registered (read: trusted) readers to post without review.

    This is the closest a plugin has come so far to a solid calendar of events plugin — it’s a shame it’s taken so long. Congrats to the author on a good start.

    This is about the only plugin that serves most of my needs. This seems to be the only plugin that has a good way to have repeating events. I would like to have some sort of calendar that would work on the sidebar.

    stgoos: this does seem to have some sort of widget already part of it.

    DGMike: I hope you decide to tweak the code some more.

    stgoos: great analysis – I agree. there is such a bewildering lack of good event calendar plugins out there. Have you heard back from the developer? Is progress being made?

    Have been busy with other things the last couple of days but yeah, I noticed that DGMike has introduced new features in v1.5 including a widget.

    So I will take a look tonight on what it includes now and see if I can make so progress on tackling mentioned issues/features as well.

    So basically – to be continued…

    BTW – Did someone already notice that when you (re-)edit your agenda item all available tags are inserted to the agenda item! So let’s call that a bug as well 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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