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  1. zonemom
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have Syndicate Press installed in a Widget and would like to fit the feed items into the widget without it increasing the height. Right now, the feed items are pushing the widget down to the bottom of the page, showing way more items than I'd like shown. When I change the value of "Hide articles after article number" under Custom Settings, all of the feed items drop to the bottom of my site, underneath all of the widgets. I'd appreciate some help making this work properly.


  2. SP developer
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi zonemom,
    Please post the feed urls you are using and a link to the page on your site that exhibits the problem. It would also be helpful if you posted the config settings from the support tab in the SP Admin.

    Best regards,
    SP Developer

  3. zonemom
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for the reply. The site is not up, but I have linked to screenshots of the page.
    Image of feed items lengthening the widget
    Image of feed items pushed to bottom of the site


    enable = true
    enableFeedCache = true
    enableOutputCache = true
    customCacheDirectory =
    useDownloadClient = true
    displayImages = false
    allowMarkupInDescription = false
    stripCDataTags = false
    showContentOnlyInLinkTitle = false
    showSyndicatePressLinkback = false
    showProcessingMetrics = false
    showFeedChannelTitle = false
    useCustomFeednameAsChannelTitle = false
    showArticlePublishTimestamp = true
    limitFeedItemsToDisplay = 2
    hideArticlesAfterArticleNumber = 6
    limitFeedDescriptionCharsToDisplay = 200
    maxHeadlineLength = 75
    feedUrlList = WSJ RISK AND COMPLIANCE | http://blogs.wsj.com/riskandcompliance/feed/
    THE TELEGRAPH | http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/rss
    DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE | http://blogs.justice.gov/main/feed
    DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE | http://www.justice.gov/rss/rss.opa.hp.xml
    REUTERS | http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/governmentfilingsNews
    REUTERS | http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/financialsNews
    FOX BUSINESS | http://feeds.foxbusiness.com/foxbusiness/markets
    FINANCIAL TIMES | http://www.ft.com/rss/companies/financials
    inclusiveKeywordFilter = FCPA, FCPA Probe, OFAC, Bank Secrecy, Bank Secrecy Act, OCC, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, FTC, SEC Probe, Bribery Probe, USDOJ, US Department of Justice, Financial Reform, US Sanctions, Anti-Money Laundering
    exclusiveKeywordFilter =
    timestampFormat = n-d-Y
    cacheTimeoutSeconds = 3600
    feedTitleHTMLCodePre =
    feedTitleHTMLCodePost =
    articleTimestampHTMLCodePre = <i>
    articleTimestampHTMLCodePost = </i>
    articleAuthorHTMLCodePre = <i>
    articleAuthorHTMLCodePost = </i>
    articleCopyrightHTMLCodePre = <i>
    articleCopyrightHTMLCodePost = </i>
    articlePriceHTMLCodePre = <i>
    articlePriceHTMLCodePost = </i>
    articleImageHTMLCodePre = <div>
    articleImageHTMLCodePost = </div>
    articleTitleHTMLCodePre = <h3>
    articleTitleHTMLCodePost = </h3>
    articleBodyHTMLCodePre = <div>
    articleBodyHTMLCodePost = </div>
    feedSeparationHTMLCode =
    addNoFollowTag = true
    feedNotAvailableHTMLCode =

  4. SP developer
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi zonemom,
    with regard to the 2 issues you indicated:

    1. Widget area expanding: This would be expected behavior, as the widget container would naturally grow when more content is added to it. This is the default behavior of any block level html element. To change this, you might consider placing the SP shortcode in your widget into a div with a maximum height inside the text widget.

    You might look at using a div something like this in your text widget:
    <div style="max-height:209px;overflow:auto;">[sp# feedList=...]</div>
    You might have to play with it a bit, but something like that just might do the trick.

    2. Articles showing at the bottom of the page: Without being able to inspect your site's rendered page we cannot dig into the issue further. If you would like further personalized help on this you may send us an email at the support email address found on the Support tab of the SP Admin panel.

    Best regards,
    SP Developer

  5. SP developer
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Resolving this topic based on the last info from the plugin dev and no response from the topic originator.

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