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    website/link would be a start (and ideally a screenshot of your settings with id etc) sent to dev[at] so i know exactly what your settings are


    Plugin Author ollybach


    got your email and works just fine on my installs.

    a few issues though:
    your theme throws a bunch of errors.
    either turn of debug or fix them (get them fixed rather as it appears to be a paid theme from what i can see)

    for starters just go here:

    secondly, as the id you are using only has one podcast, it will only display one podcast. I hazard a guess you are using the wrong id (even the link you sent me directly to itunes with that id only displays this one podcast so I am not sure how you expect to get more than that single one …?! i might of course misunderstand things. feel free to elaborate)

    Plugin Author ollybach


    HI again,

    unfortunately, the iTunes API treats podcasts as tracks, so no “episodes” in this case get returned I could use to make a tracklist for this podcast.

    essentially , using the id you are using, the query that gets run against the api is this

    if you execute this in your browser, you’ll see that only one “track” of type “podcast” gets returned and no other episodes (i.e tracklist)

    sorry, but there’s nothing i can do as that’s just the way the iTunes API handles things. (nope, doesn’t make sense to me either but what can i do)….

    maybe someone can come up with a query with an ID that DOES return the episodes of a podcast too and I’d happily change the plugin accordingly, but for the moment I have to mark this as resolved as in “cannot fix” as the API does not return any of this info…:(

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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