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  • Hello all. When I make any changes to my widgets, it does not display on the front end. This just started this morning, out of nowhere. I cleared my cache, tried using another browser, and still the problem persists. I tried deleting the widget content, re-arranging the widgets, and still, the old content keeps on displaying, like it’s stuck there.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Can you post your site URL?

    oops, sorry forgot that:

    I think you did not update your theme for long. Additionally you are running a very old version of WordPress (3.3.1). Can you update your theme please?

    Thank you Krishna. I don’t know what you mean by, “Update your theme.”

    As for updating the wp version, I can’t do that now, I need to get my developer to do updates. In the past my sight crashed when I tried to update my version, so I need to hav a pro take care of it just in case that happens again.

    Well in that case, please contact your developer as I see that your theme, WordPress, and all other settings of your site are outdated and they may be in conflict with each other and the server configurations. Recently most of the hosting companies reconfigured their servers for security reasons. Contacting your hosting support may also help. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that your site may not crash just because of all the outdated software that you run.

    Additionally, please tell your developer that s/he has to develop a child theme for modifications/ customizations so that you can without fear of losing such modifications update your theme and WordPress. It is also required for security reasons. It is not recommended to alter/ modify WordPress default themes. Unedited current versions are also required for troubleshooting.

    Thank you Krishna. If there is no simple solution to the problem then I will go ahead and contact my developer.

    The solution is quite simple. But the problem is that you depend on your developer for even simple things such as updating software. As a site owner, you must know how to do these simple things. Most of the people using any CMS like WP and owning sites do such things by themselves all the time. I too did not know these things when I started. But as I went along running my site, I learned these things and in that process I too committed mistakes but I learned a lot from those mistakes.

    I hope you understand! 🙂

    Indeed, I’ve learned a lot along the way as well, many time from mistakes. In this case, updating my wp version is tricky. Obviously i know how to click a button to do the update, but there are so many possibilities of plugin incompatibility, and these are anything but simple to resolve. This is what happened last time I tried to update the version and my site crashed.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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