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    Hi there,
    My site was locked down for the past week by my host. Not good.
    Reason was due to significant CPU overload, caused by what I initially thought must have been a brute force attack on the admin login page.

    I have since found out the excessive CPU was caused by the WP Visual Adverts widget making requests to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

    The POST’ed data was:

    I’ve had no other plugin or widget cause such issues. I would like to know why WP Visual Adverts might be doing this, and what, if anything, can be done to resolve this issue?

    Why is it necessary for your plugin to hit the admin-ajax.php script when general users are viewing pages on the site?




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    Hi Jonathan,

    Regarding to usage of the admin-ajax.php. This is standard practice to use native WordPress AJAX that works via admin-ajax.php.
    More information you can find in this article and in the WordPress codex article about ajax usage inside plugins.

    Regarding to CPU load, yes it is possible, because all ads requests processed in the server side rather than overloading client side. However, we will think how we can optimize it for future plugin releases.

    Hope, this information will help you.

    With kind regards,
    WordPress WebCodin Team

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    Hi Jonathan,

    Currently we mark this topic as resolved. If you have additional information or other questions you can reopen this topic or create a new one.

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