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  • I’m trying to configure a purchased theme (RocketTheme’s Modulus). To do this I have to move widgets from one widget position to another, but the widget boxes don’t open while Modulus is active. They open when I go back to our old theme, a child theme of Twenty Ten. RocketTheme’s support suggested I look at the Java console; I found this error:

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    1. TypeError: (intermediate value).spin is not a function
    2. … ?ver=3.5.1
    3. Line 79

    The full URL is

    The problem thread at RocketTheme suggests that “the problem is coming from the jquery.spin.js file in JetPack plugin. This file is generating a JavaScript error which stops all other scripts on the page, and so the open/move widget functionality is not working.” Other people are having this problem too.

    I understand that I could manipulate the theme by deactivating JetPack temporarily, but I would much prefer to get a fix, as we use JetPack for statistics, and also for the mobile theme. Help? I can’t give a link to the site because when I turn the theme on, the site is effectively unusable, so we’re still using our older theme, a child of Twenty Ten, where I don’t have the problem.

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  • Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    Could you give me more details about the issue? Does this happen in a specific browser? Could you try to reproduce the issue in Google Chrome, or the latest version of Firefox?


    It happens in all 3 of those browsers, I tested it. I normally work in either the latest version of FireFox or the latest Chrome. For the record I also tested this in IE9. I can’t manipulate widget boxes in any browser when both JetPack and the Modulus theme (and Gantry plugin) are active. On the other hand, deactivating ONLY JetPack allows me full control of widgets.

    We’ve now turned the Modulus them on. Since I’m not done reconfiguring the theme, JetPack is still off. The site is

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    Thanks for the extra details. I’ve let one of our developers know about the issue so that we can look into it in more detail.

    I will get back to you as soon as we can address the issue.

    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    @hedera: in a looking at the source code of your site, it looks like it is possible that your theme is loading jQuery version 1.9. The currently released version of WordPress has jQuery 1.8.3, which Jetpack is known to work with. This is likely where the issue is coming from.

    Tim, I appreciate the feedback, and you’re probably right. But – that leaves me, once again, with the choice of either running JetPack or running my purchased theme. If I go back to the Modulus support team and say, by the way, can Modulus run on jQuery 1.8.3, what do you think they’d say? Frankly, right now JetPack is turned off so I can work on configuration.



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    Frankly, no theme should be de-registering the core version of jQuery and loading their own version instead. The theme is at fault and the theme developers should fix this.

    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    I understand the position your in and I apologize. This is one of the reasons the WordPress community (the moderators here on the forums especially) are always telling people to use the Javascript libraries that WordPress includes by default.

    The Modulus team has made the decision to create their theme using libraries that even WordPress itself isn’t yet supporting. There may be other plugins you’ll run into that’ll have issues due to this.

    RocketTheme themes and JetPack have never gotten along for me either. It makes for some rotten backend experiences, particularly on the widget page. Yes, jquery.spin.js is always what throws the error for me too.


    I’ve heard about this JS error before but I was never able to replicate that on my local and hosting. Are there any steps that would let me reproduce this issue ? Also can I ask you please to update ALL of our plugins to the latest versions so they would include newest MooTools ?



    I ask you please to update ALL of our plugins to the latest versions so they would include newest MooTools ?

    ?? Not sure what you mean – WordPress.ORG does not maintain any sites. If you have a question or problem with JetPack, you need to start a new thread –

    This thread is long over.

    Oh, I was refeering to the RocketTheme plugins that are powered by MooTools 🙂

    Ah, well that’s not related to JetPack, so this isn’t a good place to contact RocketTheme or MooTools – looks like here might work:

    Jakub – I know you over at the RT forums. PM me over there (also drokkon) if you want access to my admin area to troubleshoot.

    Here’s a temporary hack way to fix the incompatibilities between Jetpack and Gantry, if anyone is interested:

    That thread links to a plugin that disables the spin.js function of JetPack. Please note that it also “breaks” four of the Jetpack modules that require spin.js: Carousel, Custom CSS, Infinite Scroll, and Notifications.

    If that’s fine with you, it works great! I network-activated it, which also worked.

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