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  • kno


    Hi everybody,

    I have a couple questions about managing a multi-blog-network. Here’s what I want to have when I’m done:

    One main blog at, where

    • All posts from all blogs show up
    • A widget that displays the X most active posters across the whole network
    • A widget that displays a slideshow of featured posts from across the whole network
    • A “Categories” widget, that shows posts from all blogs within a couple of network-wide categories
    • A widget that displays a network-wide message
    • A widget that shows the most popular posts across the whole network

    And the sub-blogs at, where

    • The network-wide-message widget cannot be deactivated
    • Other widgets may be edited/activated/deactivated/… to the blog owner’s liking
    • the network-wide categories cannot be edited/deleted
    • A global navigation bar at the top, where users can a) go back to the main blog and b) choose any author from a dropdown-menu to get to their blog directly

    Now I’ve seen that there’s the sitewide tags plugin, but I see a potential problem with the popularity plugin, since – as far as I understand – posts are copied to the main blog, thus being rated there and on the sub-blog separately.

    Also I haven’t found any ideas on how to make categories permanent on sub-blogs, or how to have network-wide and blog-only widgets side by side. While researching solutions I find myself locked up in tons of outdated wordpress-mu tutorials, this is really quite frustrating 🙂

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Most of the tutorials out there for wpmu are still relevant. Yes, really.

    there’s nothing you listed that would be done differently in 3.0 than it was in wpmu. Really.

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