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  • I just started a new site several days ago, but I have worked in wordpress before. I have never since installation been able to use the widget admin page (as far as I know). The site is

    I believe it is a javascript code error specifically dealing with: ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable addLoadEvent that I saw in firebug.

    I have read forums for 3 days and here are all of the things I have tried and didn’t work (everything I can remember):

    1)Deactivating and/or reactivating all plugins.
    2)Deleting and reinstalling all plugins
    3)Deactivating plugins in PHPmyAdmin and reactivating
    4)Switching themes
    5)Downloading new wordpress files
    6)Deleting and replacing the widgets.php file with a new one
    7)Installing the Use Google Libraries plugin
    8)Checking firebug for javascript errors
    9)Adding new “define” codes to wp-config.php
    10)Clicking on “Screen options” on the widgets page (also not working)
    11)Check multiple browsers – I have used Chrome 10, IE9, and Firefox14.
    12)Wait a day
    13)Undo/Reset other changes in WP Admin
    14)Read every forum post I can find on the issue (and maybe some more things that I am missing).

    Please help.

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  • this morning I woke up to the same problem, and posted a HELP comment. After reading your post, it doesn’t look good! Just wondering if you ever found a solution.

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